Quality and Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals across industries are being held back in their mission-critical roles, according to two new surveys.

The 2020 Trends in Quality Management and the 2020 Trends in Regulatory Management Surveys, conducted by Hanover Research, found that these functions are feeling stretched by expanding product lines, new regulatory requirements, and heightened consumer demands.

As business-critical functions, it is startling that the majority of respondents in both surveys report they still rely on disconnected and outdated tools (i.e. spreadsheets, email and SharePoint) and processes, which are inefficient and introduce a greater risk of costly errors and/or delays.

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Key Findings: 2020 Trends In
Quality Management

  • 68% of Quality respondents cite insufficient resources to promptly address nonconformances and respond to audits as their biggest challenge.
  • 65% of survey respondents report they still rely on disconnected and outdated tools (spreadsheets, email and SharePoint) and processes.
  • Quality teams are unable to achieve supply chain visibility and effective supplier collaboration. 35% reported that introducing a supplier network/portal was their highest priority capability in a new quality management system (QMS) solution.
  • Ownership and involvement in quality spans the entire product journey ensuring a culture of quality across the organization. Professionals from supply chain (17%), manufacturing (16%), EHS (14%) and R&D (13%)  are all taking on leadership roles related to quality.

Key Findings: 2020 Trends in
Regulatory Affairs

  • RA’s biggest workload drivers are new regulatory requirements (53%) and expanding product lines (49%). 
  • 50% of regulatory respondents reported their biggest concern is making a costly or time-consuming mistake.
  • 90% of RA professionals want a modern regulatory management system that provides a single source of truth, dashboards, and notifications.
  • RA’s efforts are recognized as vital to an agile organization, with 85% reporting that the registration process is very/extremely important in speed to market.
  • As more organizations commit to modernizing their business systems, RA is often left behind, with 4 out of 5 reporting they’d have to go to another department for digitalization budget.

About the 2020 Trends Reports

Hanover Research, an independent research firm, surveyed 287 quality and 268 regulatory professionals from highly regulated industries like cosmetics, chemicals, and consumer goods at globally-scaled companies earning at least $500 million in annual revenue. 

Over 50% of respondents are manager level or above with at least 15 years of work experience, and all participate in some form in managing quality or regulatory compliance at their organization. The top 4 regions that respondent companies service include North America, Europe, Asia and Latin/South America.

About Veeva

Founded in 2007, Veeva is a global provider of cloud-based software solutions. We help quality, regulatory and commercial teams in the cosmetics, consumer goods, and chemical industries unify disconnected processes, documents and data. In doing so, we help our customers eliminate inefficiencies so they can bring innovative, high-quality products to market faster without compromising compliance. 

Veeva QualityOne is a unified SaaS application suite for QMS, Document Control and Training Management.

Veeva RegulatoryOne is a single, authoritative regulatory management SaaS application suite for all of an organization’s compliance and regulatory needs with the agility to respond to changing regulations.