Announcement: 2018 Veeva Quality Summit Agenda

It's time for a new, modern approach to manage Manufacturing Quality - from content management to supplier collaboration to the manufacturing floor.  

At the Veeva Quality Summit in Cincinnati this June, Quality practitioners and their IT counterparts will explore how Quality’s Digital Transformation is the key to consistently delivering high quality products and driving growth. 

Quality and technology professionals from a variety of industries will present on topics such as:
  • Demystifying Digital Transformation and the Role of Quality
  • Digital Impacting the Shop Floor
  • Delivering on the Brand Promise
  • Driving Quality Through Your Supplier Network
  • Data Integrity as the Foundation for Digital Transformation
  • Technology Considerations for Long Term Success
  • Quality as a Vector for Growth

Take this opportunity to hear directly from Manufacturing Quality innovators on these important topics. Save your seat  by registering today.

Veeva Quality Summit 2018