Announcing Veeva Vault QualityOne

A unified, pure-cloud solution to manage global quality processes and content.

Veeva Systems recently introduced Vault QualityOne: a unified, pure- cloud solution offering global QMS and document management in a single application.

With Vault QualityOne, Veeva is bringing quality expertise from the life sciences market to a broader quality management arena. Four years ago, we introduced a fundamentally new approach to enforcing quality and regulatory compliance in the life sciences market. Now with over 100 customers leveraging Veeva’s quality solutions, we are extending our innovations into new manufacturing and services sectors -- sectors that have yet to enjoy the powerful advantages of a modern, cloud-based architecture. Vault QualityOne is delivered as a cloud application built on a set quality management best practices. On this flexible platform, the application can be configured to meet the unique needs of any industry, any company, any department.

Veeva Quality One - Unified QMS & Document Control

Vault QualityOne simplifies the coordination, tracking and conformance of the end-to-end quality process through a robust and flexible application that puts you in complete control. In comparison, current QMS systems are arthritic and unable to adjust to the changing regulatory and global manufacturing landscape.

The Vault QualityOne solution transparently connects and engages your entire manufacturing ecosystem across all of your quality processes. Whether you’re handling a complaint, addressing a nonconformance remediation, or stepping through a CAPA process, it’s all contained in one system - it’s that simple. In fact, Vault QualityOne provides a regulatory and compliance workbench that allows you to quickly adapt to new regulations without being held hostage by a software vendor that forces your business to wait while it plays catch up.

So whether you are a process or discrete manufacturer, or a regulatory service provider, or any combination - Veeva Vault QualityOne is your answer for quality management. To learn more please visit and request to test drive Vault QualityOne today.

Posted by Frank Defesche

As senior vice president and general manager of Veeva Consumer Goods & Chemical, Frank is responsible for the strategic direction, growth, and customer success of Veeva's quality applications outside life sciences.