Cloud Solutions Are Finally Enabling Quality’s Digital Transformation

Our team is thrilled to be hosting the Veeva Quality Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio this June. This complimentary educational event will bring together Quality and Manufacturing leaders, as well as their IT partners, to hear how their peers are using the latest cloud-based technology to drive Quality improvements at their companies. Join us!

In Frank Defesche’s recent blog post, he explored why Quality’s lack of participation in most digital transformation projects ultimately cause these initiatives to fall short of their potential. As Defesche asserted, “The days of Quality sitting in the back seat of digital transformation needs to end. It’s time for Quality to get in the front seat next to IT to drive to where you want to go together.”

Let’s take a step back to understand why this partnership is such a departure from how Quality technology tools have often been selected and managed.

Until recently, Quality teams often simply “received” IT-selected systems that didn’t fully meet their needs due to the technical expertise required to select, configure and maintain on-premise software. Enter multi-tenant cloud software solutions, which require significantly less IT time and energy.

"Obtaining, provisioning, and managing infrastructure components for the hosting of systems in-house can be a costly endeavor… especially considering the extra IT and quality process requirements surrounding the management of regulated systems. Utilizing a cloud-based solution removes that process burden from IT as well as the extra cost burden associated with in-house infrastructure."

- Pat Whyte, Vice President for Information Technology, New Chapter

With multi-tenant cloud solutions now common across industries, organizations have access to the digital tools necessary to transform Quality from an outdated, reactive business function to a vector for business growth.

In my next post, I’ll cover the new ways IT can support their Quality colleagues in the era of multi-tenant cloud software. Stay tuned!



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