Cloud Systems - Enabling Breaches or the Safest Choice?

Cloud System Breaches

The “cloud movement” has been painted as a major contributor to the increase in corporate hacking over the past several years. Critics claim that putting data in the cloud makes these systems more accessible to hackers.

But does this charge stand up to scrutiny?

On the contrary, multi-tenant cloud systems and their underlying architectures are generally more secure than traditional IT corporate environments, for the following reasons.

Focused: The owner of a multi-tenant cloud system (like Amazon Web Services) has a single architecture on which to concentrate security efforts. In contrast, corporate IT teams are defending multiple, diverse systems against attacks, which dilute their efforts.

Most Current: Cloud service providers operate on the latest and greatest industry security standards, with operations adhering to certifications such as ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II attestation.

Greater Investment: Major cloud software providers invest more in security than almost any user company, to the benefit of all their users. These investments are essential because cloud software is their core business.

Controlled Access: The networked personal computers common in today’s offices create many potential entry points for hackers. With cloud systems, individual users aren’t in charge of maintaining critical software on personal machines, making it much more difficult for malware to get in.

It’s worth noting major cloud computing services like Google and Amazon, which control vast amounts of data around the world, have yet to be crippled by a ransomware attack or even suffer a known data breach. Google in particular prevents break-ins across a global workforce by implementing a strict provisioning system, in which every device is presumed to be untrustworthy.

Don’t want to be exposed to cyber attacks? Move to the cloud. It’s a much safer bet.

Mickey Landkof is a known expert in the field of quality management systems with over 25 years of experience in technical and sales engineering in highly regulated industries. For the last seven years, Mickey has worked with market-leading SaaS companies focused on quality management systems, environmental health and safety, and document management.

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