Feed the World with Innovations - How Crop Science Companies Can Overcome Regulatory and Quality Challenges

Innovation and speed are key to the ones that help feeding the world: Crop Science and Agrochem companies around the globe work eagerly on new formulations of innovative products that shall fight hunger in a growing population. But not at any price - new products need to be safe and sustainable. Transparency is required throughout the entire product stewardship process. Strict regulations - varying from region to region and ever changing - as well as high quality standards are necessary conditions. How you deal with them differentiates leaders from strugglers and determines whether you can gain competitive advantage or risk irrelevance.

How fast are you when it comes to regulatory, quality and go-to-market processes? Just think about these questions:

  1. Where are your products marketed?
  2. How much time do you need to prepare your next audit?
  3. How quickly can you adapt your product to changing regulations?

In sum, how much time - and money - do you and your team need for non-core, non-innovative processes? And to what extent could you foster agility, innovation and smooth product journeys if these processes were faster and easier?

Through digital transformation, Crop Science and Agrochem organizations can collect and submit all necessary documents and data for new product registrations on keystroke. With transparency into processes, managers can quickly obtain answers to questions such as “where is my product marketed, and in what form?”. Companies can prepare an audit in minutes instead of days and hours. And all internal and external stakeholders can access the same set of information - anytime and from anywhere. Sounds to good to be true?

Download our latest report Quality & Regulatory Trends in the Crop Science Industryto learn more about how to gain agility throughout the product journey that will eventually help feeding the world.

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Posted by Jodi Foucher