Five Must-Haves for Your Next ECM & Services Solution


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are experiencing a major shift, driven by the continuously evolving digital environment.

Once dominant ECM systems like Documentum face an increasingly uncertain future, causing many organizations to consider modern alternatives to meet their ECM needs.

If you’re currently using Documentum as your ECM system of record, your organization should use this opportunity to find an innovative content management & services solution that will deliver tangible value for years to come.

Use these five criteria to select a modern ECM solution that will keep pace and scale with your business:

  1. Easy-to-use Modeled after the consumer web (e.g. Google, Amazon), our modern user interface accelerates the creation, review, and approval of content. Selecting an intuitive ECM system means people will get up to speed quickly and actually continue to use the system, rather than revert to emails, shared drives, and local folders.
  2. Flexibility Select an ECM solution with content management best practices already built in, as well as point and click configuration to allow you to tailor the application to your organization’s specific needs, preferences, and processes.
  3. Single Source of Truth Choose a single, complete solution that brings together all of your needs for creating, collaborating, and approving content to save time, effort, and resources across internal teams and external partners.
  4. Accessibility Gone are the days of having to comb through your inbox to find that latest draft from an external business partner. Invest in a new ECM solution only if it enables internal and external teams to collaborate in a secure environment from any device, anywhere. This will not only enable quicker content creation, reviews, and approvals, but your organization will maintain control of your assets throughout the process.
  5. Visibility Look for an ECM solution with robust reporting and dashboard capabilities that will enable your leaders to move from insight to action faster.

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Posted by Bruce Beilfuss

As Vice President of strategy for Veeva's Consumer Goods industry practice, Bruce is responsible for leading the go-to-market strategy, providing market insights on new and evolving capabilities, and ultimately ensuring customer success.