Experts Predict Significant Shift to Managing Quality in the Cloud in 2019 - Is Your Team Ready?

2019 will be an exciting year for modernizing quality management. More and more companies have adopted a “cloud only” mandate for business technology, and that will soon impact the Quality department, if it hasn’t already. No longer will you have to deal with manual paper processes, Excel, and on-premise software systems that waste so much precious time and increase risk.

So how will you react when the “cloud only” mandate comes to your company? Will you:

Turn to your colleague and whisper, “Oh no, not cloud!”
B) Cringe and promise to fight the change in favor of the systems you already know.
C) Enthusiastically volunteer to partner with IT to bring this to your department ASAP - you’ve been asking for funds to modernize your systems for years.

If your company hasn’t taken this step already, experts are pointing to 2019 as the year that many companies will invest in new quality process and document management solutions, and ask their employees to learn new skills to take advantage of the possibilities created through modernization.

Quality research firm LNS recently predicted modern QMS software to grow at 27% year-over-year, with “favorable tailwinds in 2019.” It reported that, “for the quality leaders, these changes mean easier and better options that drive more awareness and improved outcomes.”

As quality professionals, you are used to a rapidly changing work environment with new regulations, standards, and business directives. But after years of being asked to get by with the same outdated technology to manage quality processes, content, and data, modernization is finally on the horizon.

What does this mean for you and your team? Well, to start, the skills, knowledge, and tools that you have relied on may not be sufficient in 2019, and are likely to be inadequate as soon as 2020.

How well you, your team, and your company prepare for these changes will determine whether you can gain competitive advantage or risk irrelevance.

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Sophia Finn

Posted by Sophia Finn

Sophia Finn manages the customer success program. Prior to her adventure at Veeva, she worked for the FDA as a microbiologist testing flu vaccine efficacy and food samples for bacterial contamination. She also worked for various medical device manufactures where she remediated quality processes, and managed CAPA, complaints/MDR, and deviation programs. Prior to all of this, Sophia served 7 years in the Air Force as a medic, and we thank her for her service.