Are You Following Gartner’s Emerging Requirements for Content Management?

As major shifts disrupt the market for enterprise content management (ECM) systems, your organization may be one of the many considering whether it's time to move to a new solution. 

IT managers and business leaders evaluating today's available content management solutions know that certain criteria must be met for a truly successful ECM system.

A strategic way to prioritze these criteria is to organize them in terms of Gartner's emerging ECM requirements, as outlined in its report "Content Management for the Digital Era". 

Great User Experience

Gartner asserts that the best ECM solutions should "provide a consistent and intuitive interface" that allows "workers and partners to access content and collaborate from the devices they are on at the time, using their favorite application workspaces." The report also recommends that, "platforms should provide the tools to build fast, native applications for specific use cases that access the content repository" and that "it should be possible to develop applications that allow users to work offline.”

Content Ecosystems

In most modern enterprises, content is generated by many systems, meaning that "a good content platform should interface with ERP, CRM, and other enterprise applications, as well as with enterprise portals." Gartner's report also highlights the need for integrations between other systems via "APIs that expose access to content and events.”

Cloud Platform 

Fully embracing the cloud, Gartner argues that “Enterprises should be given a set of intuitive tools to ensure security, starting with the ability to select data residency - so they have control over where their content is stored." Additionally, the report suggests that the best ECM vendors will offer secure file sharing services, including "features to identify and protect classified content." Lastly, Gartner recommends selecting a vendor where security can be managed centrally "through an intuitive interface that allows administrators to set security policy”

Content Security

Today's connected workplace usually requires collaboration with external partners. To do this securely, Gartner recommends, "the content service must protect sensitive information, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of files, with encryption of content both in transit and at rest.”

Using Gartner's emerging requirements for ECM solutions, IT managers and business leaders can confidently select a modern content management system that will truly delivers business value. 

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