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Lack of technological unity within a company, whether between departments, locations or systems, can have a profound effect on an organization's operations. Systems and processes that cause people to work in silos create blind spots that hinder performance and profitability.

This is especially true for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, which are managing diverse product lines produced at many sites and often with inputs from outside suppliers. With so many variables, consistently producing a quality product is challenging and paramount to maintaining brand value.

According to a Tech-Clarity study, over three-quarters of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies say higher quality is required to differentiate themselves from their competitors. CPG companies that adopt a more digital approach to managing quality, including automation and advanced analytics, improve quality while reducing cost of quality management.

How Are CPG Companies Utilizing Modern Cloud-Based Quality Solutions

Legacy and paper-based quality solutions simply can’t fully meet today’s complex business and compliance requirements. And that is exactly what happened with this multi-billion dollar consumer goods corporation.

This company observed inconsistencies across its manufacturing sites’ handling of critical quality and compliance documentation. Over the years, it tried multiple approaches using a combination of different systems and processes. But with no satisfactory results, it turned to Veeva QualityOne for a solution to their site-based quality content.

Individuals at the company saw Veeva QualityOne as a potential solution to help unify document control across manufacturing sites.

A pilot was conducted at one of the company’s many businesses. The pilot focused on utilizing Veeva QualityOne's document control capabilities to create a consistent, compliant, and audit-ready environment for sensitive quality documents. The company managed their SOPs, policies, work instructions and more through the QualityOne application.

A separate pilot, run in parallel to the manufacturing sites pilot, centered around remediating computer systems validation (CSV) across many of the companies long list of assets. Both pilots harnessed the power of Veeva QualityOne to create a single source of truth for critical content, as well as increase visibility into the activities of the manufacturing sites.

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Unifying Quality Management & Document Control Through Veeva QualityOne

Another CPG, Proctor & Gamble subsidiary New Chapter, conducted change controls with a mix of paper files, faxes, and emails. They had minimal, isolated on-premise software and were siloed by location. Having no centralized document management system caused risks to compliance, inefficiencies, and issues in data integrity.

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New Chapter turned to Veeva QualityOne to consolidate their quality document management and key quality processes on the same platform, as well as reduce their costs.

Since the switch, the change control process that once took months now only takes a few days and is fully audit-ready. The implementation has increased visibility, compliance, and efficiency.

Managing quality gets more complicated every day. Veeva QualityOne is committed to improving the way businesses manage their quality processes and content. Contact us to learn more about our complete and easy to use quality management and document control application.

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Sophia Finn

Posted by Sophia Finn

Sophia Finn manages the customer success program. Prior to her adventure at Veeva, she worked for the FDA as a microbiologist testing flu vaccine efficacy and food samples for bacterial contamination. She also worked for various medical device manufactures where she remediated quality processes, and managed CAPA, complaints/MDR, and deviation programs. Prior to all of this, Sophia served 7 years in the Air Force as a medic, and we thank her for her service.