Pure-cloud Software is Supplier Quality Management’s Best Friend

Supplier Quality Management System

The story is all too familiar.

Your product recently shipped from your contract manufacturer in China. But your quality department just told you that the product has defects from a non-conforming material used in production. The information was only received after the ship left the harbor because it was sent via email and landed in someone’s spam folder.

What will you do when the ship arrives in the U.S.? Dispose of all the product? Ship it back? Any way you look at it, the cost of poor quality is significant.

To avoid damaging situations like this one, today’s companies need a supplier quality management (SQM) system that implements repeatable processes, incorporates international suppliers, and enables performance tracking at every stage of the supply chain.

This is finally possible through pure-cloud SQM solutions. With the supply chain visibility offered by the cloud, organizations can ensure alignment, continually improve their approaches, and stay ahead of evolving quality demands.

A complete cloud-based SQM solution enables:

Streamlined Supplier Qualification - Solicit and receive supplier questionnaires through the easy-to-use and secure cloud application. Annotate and evaluate responses in the one system from any device, anywhere in the world.

Real-time Supplier Auditing - Receive vendor audit responses directly and electronically, saving time, reducing error, and promoting alignment on supplier capabilities and expectations.

Automated Supplier Onboarding - Develop, review, approve, and share product delivery guidelines with vendors through a single cloud-based system. The automated, cloud-based supplier onboarding process enables vendors to read and understand documents electronically.

Ongoing Supplier Oversight - Link a single source for quality metrics directly to suppliers – providing clear indications of emerging quality issues. Quality indicators, based on historical and current performance, are aggregated to form a supplier risk profile.

Returning to our defective shipment scenario, we can see how the whole thing could have been avoided. Armed with more complete and real-time information, companies can identify and address quality issues before they result in a large-scale incident. This is only possible with a pure-cloud SQM solution.

Mickey Landkof is a known expert in the field of quality management systems with over 25 years of experience in technical and sales engineering in highly regulated industries. For the last seven years, Mickey has worked with market-leading SaaS companies focused on quality management systems, environmental health and safety, and document management. He has experience with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, and was a key contributor in two successful start-up acquisitions. Mickey earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

Posted by Mickey Landkof