Shifting from On-premise to Cloud QMS Benefits Business and IT

Cloud Quality Management System (QMS)

Until recently, there was no way to buy quality management system (QMS) software without major involvement by corporate IT.

From hardware sizing to system requirements, database types to installation, in most companies IT led on-premise QMS software procurement. This relegated business stakeholders to secondary roles, which often meant quality departments “received” an IT-selected solution that didn’t fully meet their needs.

Since QMS is just one of many systems across departments, procuring and maintaining on-premise software systems company-wide often spread IT resources thin. This forced many IT departments to become reactionary and left little or nothing for strategic technology initiatives that might improve the business.

This arrangement has been disrupted, even upended, by the proliferation of cloud-based software.

With cloud-based software the business buyer can confidently lead the QMS software procurement process and significantly diminish IT involvement.

But is the reduced role of IT a benefit to the organization?

For the most part, this has been a blessing in disguise for both IT and the business. As collected from our customers’ experiences, here are the most important impacts of putting business in the buyer's seat for QMS procurement.

Benefits for IT

During procurement
IT plays to its strengths by assessing QMS cloud vendors’ infrastructure, adherence to top industry standards (e.g., ISO 27001), and security approach.

Resources and time that would have gone to leading the procurement process can be distributed to priority areas or addressing unmet needs.

IT focuses on setting up successful integrations to facilitate data exchanges between software solutions (ex. QMS and ERP systems) that increase visibility across Quality.

Using only the latest version of user-friendly cloud QMS software reduces the need for specialized IT skills related to training, configuration, and administration.

Lower ongoing software support requirements translates to:

  • Better customer service
  • Faster overall procurement processes
  • More time and resources for strategic IT investments

Benefits for Business

With business as the primary buyer, quality-specific requirements are more likely to be fully met.

Cloud-based “off the shelf” QMS software enables faster and easier deployment with smaller implementation teams.

No supporting hardware or ongoing security of maintenance costs means lower total cost of ownership for cloud QMS compared to on-premise.

Cloud delivery model enables more frequent updates that keep pace with the latest technology and business needs, as well as enable faster remote fixes if issues arise.

Improved collaboration and accountability between internal stakeholders and with external suppliers, contract manufacturers, and auditors.

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