Strengthening Quality in the Netherlands - Veeva cooperates with NNK

“Together we know more” is the motto of the Dutch quality management network NNK (Nederlands Netwerk voor Kwaliteitsmanagement). Its aim is to support all members and interested professionals, who are involved in quality management, in order to strengthen the quality of products, services, processes and organisations and to contribute to a sustainable society. Veeva Systems, (NYSE:VEEV), a global provider of enterprise cloud software, is now a member of this network.

“The NNK is a knowledge network. Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0 bring new questions and challenges. While everybody is talking about digital transformation, there is a lack of concrete examples and use cases. We are sure that Veeva can contribute to that and add additional value to our network and events,” states Gerard Berendsen, Chairman of the NNK.

The first NNK event that Veeva will be part of is the Business Improvement Event on June, 20th in Amersfoort. Martijn Bethlehem, Account Executive at Veeva, will be onsite. "A recent survey of European consumers found that quality is key to consumers, who would even go so far as to boycott a brand in its entirety if they learned of product quality issues of a product1," said Bethlehem. Yet despite this fact, many companies continue to use risk-laden processes with isolated disconnected data and content, unmanageable spreadsheets, and disconnected systems. As a result, employees try to find workarounds to avoid tedious and cumbersome processes that can and should be unified and dynamic. "That is where Veeva can help. Our quality management solution connects data and documents, unifies processes and is very easy to use," says Martijn Bethlehem.

Since 2007, Veeva has delivered cloud innovation to the global life sciences industry, including 49 of the top 50 largest pharmaceutical companies. In 2016, Veeva expanded into other regulated manufacturing markets like chemical and consumer goods with Veeva QualityOne, a unified quality management and document control cloud application. Today, more than 700 customers from different industries and company size around the globe work with Veeva’s applications.

Veeva QualityOne helps organizations better manage quality processes, document control, and data in a single cloud application for employees, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and auditors. This helps deliver continuous improvement on quality from product development to manufacturing and in-market claims.

Learn more about our quality management solution and have a look at our 3 minute demo.

We spreken ook Nederlands, neem contact op met onze kwaliteitsexpert Martijn Bethlehem.



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