The Two Priorities Your Company Needs to Properly Manage Risk and Remain Compliant in 2019

From one perspective, businesses across industries are leveraging new technology in ways that belong in science fiction rather than the world we live in.

Drones and bluetooth sensors are monitoring crops and soil conditions in real-time. Instagram influencers that aren’t real people but actually digital avatars are promoting cosmetic products. Artificial intelligence-driven product formulation algorithms will create the next best-selling cleaning solution.

Drone monitoring crops, Instagram influencer Lil Miquela and scientists working in lab with AI

These are just a few examples of companies responding to new market forces, including globalization, accelerating regulatory changes, personalization, and the digital consumer. And as businesses apply new technologies across manufacturing, monitoring, or marketing, they are outpacing and straining the traditional approaches still being used to maintain quality and regulatory compliance.

Your 15 year old CAPA tracking spreadsheet, or your regulatory submissions paper-based filing system, isn’t just slowing you down. It’s putting your company at risk.

To properly manage risk and remain compliant in this new reality, business leaders need to leverage adaptive processes and new technologies that promote agility and harmonization.

Why agility and harmonization? Quality and regulatory professionals need greater agility to efficiently collaborate in bringing products to market faster while maintaining compliance. Harmonization across departments, sites, and supply chains is essential to enable innovation and shared values, a departure from current disconnected solutions and manual processes.

That is why we’ve chosen these themes for our 2019 Quality & Regulatory Global Summit, to be held on October 8, 2019 in downtown Chicago.

At this complimentary educational event, qualified participants will learn from quality and regulatory experts from the consumer goods, chemical and cosmetics industries about strategies and tactics to leverage adaptive processes and new technologies that promote agility and harmonization. We encourage you to review this year’s agenda and register soon to reserve one of our limited seats.

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