Why You Deserve Unified Quality Management and Document Control Software

If you were audited by your regulatory authority today, how many windows would you have to open to demonstrate just one quality management procedure from start to finish? Three? Five? More?

Even for well-managed quality processes, like document control procedures or CAPAs, most quality practitioners are forced to access documents in one system and manage quality management processes in another. This lack of integration increases the total cost of quality by forcing the user to waste time maintaining and toggling between two systems, while also leaving the process vulnerable to human error and version control issues. This is a particularly critical and regular issue for companies with a large industrial footprint, where several production units are scattered around the world and a global function defines the QMS processes to be used locally.

It’s time for unified quality management software that simplifies the coordination, tracking, and conformance of your quality processes and content.

Where Legacy Quality Management and Document Control Systems Went Wrong

The problems started when quality management and document control systems shifted from paper files to software, but were sold as separate on-premise solutions. This was a first crack that grew into a gaping fissure.

Legacy software providers underestimated how frequently quality practitioners need to toggle between process and document management systems. When this flaw came to light, they piled on complex connectors to try to integrate the separate on-premise systems.

The added administrative burden of these partial fixes now threatens to crush quality management systems, creating risks and inhibiting efficiencies.

Shed Dead Weight and Fly into Veeva’s Cloud-Based Quality Management System

It’s time to shed the burden of on-premise legacy quality management and document control systems.

Veeva offers a unified, cloud-based quality management and document control solution that delivers better control, visibility, and partner collaboration. By choosing a unified solution, your team can quickly and easily access the single source for quality content, data, and workflows.

No more complex integrations, or manual workarounds to include external quality stakeholders. No more outdated or inflexible process structures that don’t match how you manage quality. Just one system to manage, with a user experience so simple and consistent that your team will actually enjoy working in it.

Why toggle when you can fly? Watch our 90-second video to learn more!

Updated on January 24, 2022

Daniel Borges Madureira

Posted by Daniel Borges Madureira

Daniel Borges Madureira is the Director of QualityOne Chemical Strategy. He has a passion for looking into ways of taking quality processes to the next level by changing mindsets, behaviors and actions through new solutions. With a background in industrial engineering and experience working with the top 5 automotive, semiconductor and chemical companies in the world, Daniel knows the pains and gains of running quality processes with and without intelligently designed tools.