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Veeva Claims

Marketing and product claims are critically important to companies, helping to define functional product benefits, differentiate from competition, and support the brand. The process of developing claims, substantiating, adapting to local markets, and monitoring usage is complex, involves multiple stakeholders, and can involve significant regulatory and legal risk for companies.

Many companies today are using disparate, manual systems such as spreadsheets, file share folders, and email for managing their claims process.  There’s no single source of truth for approved claims, and comments and approvals get lost in long email chains. Marketing may not have clarity around permitted claims or usage limitations, and Legal and Regulatory may not be fully aware of how claims are used at the local level.

Veeva Claims is designed for legal and regulatory professionals to manage the end-to-end process for claims. With core Claims Management, as well as capabilities for Localization of Global Claims, Challenge Response, and Oversight and Insights into the global claims process, Veeva Claims helps companies reduce risk, accelerate time to market, and protect their brands.


The Risks And Opportunity Cost of Product Claims Management

Report - Product Claims

Why Veeva Claims?

Reduced Risk: Veeva Claims provides a single source or truth for claims at the global and local level, minimizing the chance of unapproved claim usage. High risk words can be flagged prior to claim submission, and claim risk ratings provide transparency. Rapid challenge response is enabled through direct links to substantiation and downstream usage.

Faster Speed to Market: Custom workflows and collaboration tools replace email to speed claims through the substantiation and approval process. Route bundles of claims associated with line extensions or new products. Local adaptations and approvals enable global product roll outs with full transparency at the corporate level.

Stronger Brand Stewardship: Bring greater clarity and control to the process of managing marketing and product claims across functions and geographies. Reduce the probability of unapproved claim use, respond to challenges quickly and confidently, and protect the reputation of your brand.

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Veeva Claims is the single source of truth for all claims at the global and local level, with full detail around permissible usage including brands, products, marketing channels, footnotes and translations. Configurable workflows speed claims from request, through substantiation and approvals, to usage in market.  Direct links to substantiation documentation and usage in marketing assets provide a complete view. With Veeva Claims, you can be confident that your claims are current and compliant.

Claims-Localization of Global Claims


Claims or groups of claims associated with a specific product that have been substantiated and approved at the global level can be adapted for local markets. Configurable workflows make sending for local approval by country-specific Legal, Regulatory, or R&D functions simple and easy. Include translations, revise footnotes, and even add substantiation if local regulations require.



Veeva Claims helps manage risk and enables rapid response to challenges or other issues related to claims. High risk words can be identified and flagged at initial flagged at initial claim request, and alternate wording can be suggested, minimizing repeated requests for non permissible language and reducing the chances of risky language being used in market. With upstream traceability to claim substantiation documentation, downstream traceability to usage in market, and full audit trails, you have the materials ready to respond to a challenge with one click.



With predefined and fully customizable reports and dashboards, view all claims by lifecycle state, and drill down to brand, product, geography, or other parameter depending on your needs. Export reports and charts to share across the business. Identify bottlenecks and areas for process improvement, view risk across geographies, and maintain a complete view of your claims in market.

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