Clinical Study Management Software

Streamline and manage the complexity of clinical studies
to produce high quality end results.

Veeva Clinical Suite

The Veeva Clinical Suite delivers a unified, cloud-based solution to manage complex studies common among consumer goods, cosmetics, and crop science companies. With applications focused on managing study documents (eTMF), data and processes (CTMS), as well as tracking payments to sites, company sponsors, CROs, and other study partners can now have full visibility into the process and a single source of truth for all study information.  The Veeva Clinical Suite delivers speed, visibility and accuracy to a critical business capability.

Veeva Clinical Suite
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Veeva eTMF

Veeva eTMF provides real-time inspection readiness, full visibility into TMF completeness, and access for all study partners. Sponsors get the clarity they need to oversee studies more effectively, CRO’s gain the flexibility to efficiently populate the eTMF, and sites can efficiently interact with sponsors and CRO’s. Veeva eTMF delivers quality, access, visibility, and control.


Veeva CTMS

Veeva CTMS unifies study information and processes, streamlines study management and monitoring, and delivers visibility across the study portfolio. Manage the entire end-to-end clinical study process and gain a global view into tasks in one unified system. One seamless system of record for study data and information improves operational efficiency and enables faster, higher quality study execution.

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Veeva Payments

Veeva Payments speeds payments to research sites and provides complete financial visibility to all study partners.  Seamless integration with Veeva CTMS enables sponsors and CROs to streamline payment tracking processes within their existing study management workflows, ensuring sites get paid on time with greater visibility and accuracy.




  • Study visibility: Reporting and dashboards provide visibility across study applications resulting in more informed decision making.
  • Study and site planning and tracking:  Plan and track milestones and tasks at the study, site, and subject level.
  • Vendor oversight:  Manage CRO’s, labs, and review boards; share documents and data on a common cloud-based platform. 
  • Inspection readiness:  Ensure that your TMF is complete and high quality.

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