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    Composition Compliance LP Graphic

    The Challenge

    Ensuring compliance for formulation compositions is a challenging, time-consuming endeavor that is constantly evolving in response to market and customer needs. Whether it’s confirming inventory status, SVHCs, allergens, heavy metals, Kosher or Halal certifications, every constituent of the composition must be verified as part of the assessment.

    These assessments ensure the license to sell and directly support product differentiation and value for the company, its customers, and consumers. Thus, a system that enables rapid, flexible compliance assessments will deliver significant competitive advantage.


    The Solution

    Composition Compliance Management within Veeva RegulatoryOne unifies compliance assessments for formulas, raw materials, ingredients, and substances in a single system of record.

    • View multi-level composition hierarchies in conjunction with assessment records in a single screen to maximize speed and confidence.
    • Expand and collapse individual composition levels to quickly identify constituents that drive overall assessment.
    • Leverage five predefined assessment groups with over 60 regulated category types spanning inventory, certification, restriction, origin, and regulation.
    • Add new assessment types through simple configuration.
    • Proactively manage assessment records using real time data and reporting.
    • Unify compliance assessments with regulatory requests, documents, dossier, and registrations within Veeva RegulatoryOne.

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    Enable compliance speed and product transparency with Composition Compliance Management

    • End-to-end compliance from request to response
    • Unify assessments with internal and external substantiation
    • Gain insights and track KPIs with real-time data, dashboards, and reports

    A Use Case from the
    Specialty Chemicals Industry


    A Use Case from the
    Consumer Goods Industry


    Customer Success

    BASF Video Quote

    "Global collaboration is crucial for us. It is essential to have one source of regulatory information instead of distributed, siloed systems. High availability, reliability, and performance are key. With Veeva Vault, we have a good system in place that supports our needs."

    Armin Sauer, Team Lead Global Regulatory IT Services at BASF


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