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This virtual event featured more than 20 sessions over 4 days covering the highest priority issues facing today's senior quality, regulatory and IT professionals.

Access the complimentary on-demand sessions to learn from quality, regulatory, and product claims experts from the consumer goods, chemical and cosmetics industries about the strategies and tactics they’re using to transform vision into value.

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    Powerful, Easy-to-Use
    Content Management in the Cloud

    Make collaboration easy across functions, streamline processes
    and systems, and establish a single source of truth.

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    Veeva Enterprise Content Management

    Veeva Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables you to manage content, documents and data across all functions, geographies, and channels – with agility, visibility, and ease.

    Traditional approaches to content management can no longer meet the needs of today’s agile enterprise. Disparate systems, multiple tools to maintain, online and offline systems that can not offer complete end to end visibility not to mention security and compliance risks are of which are wasting precious resources while adding unnecessary and unmanageable risk.

    Veeva ECM addresses these issues by introducing speed, transparency, and ease of use to enterprise content management. A complete content, document, and data management solution, Veeva ECM enables intuitive review, approval, and reuse, allowing you to get new or updated content into the right hands and channels faster.

    Veeva Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
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    Single source of the truth: Save time, effort, and resources in quickly finding and knowing you are always working with the latest approved content, documents, and data.


    Find content, documents, and data faster with advanced capabilities such as type-ahead search, searching within fields, dynamic filters, user defined saved searches, and personalized results that reflect each user’s history.


    Review content, documents, and data collaboratively with real-time annotation management, threaded discussions, automated versioning, and no need to download.


    Seamless integration between Veeva ECM and Microsoft Office Online provides real-time collaborative authoring and does so in a compliant way. 

    Real-time Collaboration
    Powerful Reporting and Flexible Workflows


    Analyze everything from content status to process metrics. Ad hoc queries and predefined reports are easily designed, edited, and shared.


    Leverage advanced capabilities such as work queues, dynamic workflow menus or recipients, and in-flight changes to active flows.


    Reduce risk with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures, watermarking and overlays, version control, and more.


    Add contextual information that reflects your business and leverage Vault to drive more efficiency and automation into your processes.

    Ready to explore how Veeva can help you transform enterprise content management in your organization? 

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