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Meet us at the
Chemical Watch Event:
The Future of REACH Authorisation!

“Streamlining and improving the efficiency of REACH authorisation”



Now that the last registration deadline has passed, it’s time to take stock of where things stand with the REACH authorisation process. Join The Future of REACH Authorisation to hear the latest thoughts on streamlining the REACH authorisation system and contribute your ideas on how to best achieve this important objective.

The regulatory landscape around REACH and other regulations - and with it the role of regulatory professionals - in the chemical industry is constantly evolving. The global scale of many of today’s companies mean exponentially more regulations, protocols, and guidance to keep track of to remain compliant. Keeping pace with this ever changing landscape is a strong suit for most regulatory professionals. Meet us on site and learn how Veeva's regulatory cloud solution helps chemical companies to

  • Keep a clear overview of products and registration status, globally and regionally
  • Manage due dates and timelines for registration processes (e.g. REACH)
  • Manage regulated labels and packaging (CLP)
  • Support cross-functional collaboration and training

 Meet us on site and learn more


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Anna Wanie
Key Account Executive 


Martijn Bethlehem
Key Account Executive