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    Consumers Place the Quality Ahead of the Price

    Between quality, price and customer experience, French consumers place quality at the top of their buying criteria. Depending on the products, the weight of the quality is more or less decisive. Between experience, disappointment and perceived quality, brands must do better!
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    Quality : The Pressure Is on the Brands!

    The Opinion Way - Veeva survey conducted last June highlights the French people's perception of the quality of food products.
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    Quality! The Consumers Ready to Boycott the Brands in Order to Get It

    In 2012, studies showed that the consumer was looking for the best price. Today, the trend is changing. 54% of French people consider quality to be decisive at the time of the purchase.
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    The French Angry about the Food in Their Supermarket

    According to a confidential survey, 63% of the people questioned complain about the poor quality of the food sold by large retailers.
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    Consumers Are Satisfied with the Quality of Their Cars

    Veeva, provider of solutions for the optimization of quality processes, underlines in a final study the importance that consumers attach to the quality of their purchase. And good news, the car seems to give satisfaction.
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    The French Complain about the Quality of the Food

    Two in three French people say they are regularly disappointed by the quality of food products. For consumers surveyed, too, it is primarily the regulatory constraints that push companies to put in place control procedures, more than respect for customers.
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    Veeva Announces Fiscal 2019 Second Quarter Results

    Veeva Systems Inc. (NYSE: VEEV), a leading provider of industry cloud solutions for the global life sciences industry, today announced results for its fiscal second quarter ended July 31, 2018.
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    Quality and IT — Critical Building Blocks for Industry 4.0

    The world is changing fast, and as manufacturing transforms through the adoption of new digital technologies, the need to focus on quality is increasing exponentially. But do organizations understand the true meaning of digital transformation? Are the quality and IT organizations aligned and closely partnering together to manage risk and deliver on the brand promise? Are companies equipped to consume the unprecedented data that we will generate and be able to extract the right insights to make better decisions? Most companies are still in the learning phase to be able to answer yes to these key questions.

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