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RegulatoryOne - Regulatory Management Software

RegulatoryOne replaces bespoke, manual systems with a single, authoritative regulatory management software solution for all your compliance and regulatory needs, providing you with the agility to respond to changing regulations. These efficiency gains improve your time to market, while providing transparency across your entire organization with each product release gate that a product passes through on its way to market.

RegulatoryOne is a pure cloud regulatory management software offering that unifies and coordinates all facets of the regulatory process, providing you with visibility into what you’re selling, when you can sell it, and where it’s being sold – all in one place.


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Regulatory Management Trends Report 

Understanding the Evolving Role & Responsibilities of the Regulatory Affairs Professional

View the results of a survey of 200 Regulatory Management leaders from regulated industries such as consumer goods, cosmetics, food & beverage, specialty chemicals, and crop science. Report findings reveal insights into the opportunities and challenges facing regulatory practitioners in 2021 and beyond.

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RegulatoryOne Demo Videos

Regulatory Document Management


Regulatory Document Management

Don't waste time looking for documents and data with Regulatory document Management, an intuitive, fit-for-purpose collaboration system that gives you efficiency, transparency, accuracy and security.

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Regulatory Supplier Compliance Management


Regulatory Supplier Compliance Management

End-to-end regulatory compliance begins with supplier transparency. With Veeva RegulatoryOne, you can safely and securely include Suppliers in your regulatory processes and eliminate emails and missed deadlines.

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Regulatory Request Management


Regulatory Request Management

Respond to customers with speed and accuracy using Regulatory Request Management. Workflows and automation drive efficiency, and dashboards provide transparency and KPIs that unlock new insights and opportunities.

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RegulatoryOne Registrations

RegulatoryOne’s registration capabilities manage product registration and third party certification information globally and is accessible by both internal and external parties at any time. Achieve a single, unified view of product data by registration status, country, and/or distribution channel.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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RegulatoryOne Document Control

Documents are the lifeblood of regulatory communication, and a transparent, secure, single source of truth for global documents is a critical foundation and enabler of speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

RegulatoryOne provides powerful document control features including “google-like” search, version control, audit trails, document templates, workflow approvals, and collaboration tools that maximize communication, compliance, and efficiency.

This approach enables:

  • Reduced discrepancies and uncontrolled document versions
  • Document transparency and traceability
  • Efficient and easy search and retrieval
  • Informed decision-making and proactive updates

RegulatoryOne Document Control provides a pre-configured repository for your important documents including SDS, RDS, RMQs and Studies. It is also pre-configured to simplify indexing and managing end-point study documents in context with study data and formulas.

Veeva RegulatoryOne puts your regulatory documents into true relational context with data providing a unified, transparent system of record for regulatory collaboration and knowledge.

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RegulatoryOne Compliance Management

Increasing customer and consumer demands for transparency are driving exponential growth in product stewardship and regulatory data requests.

RegulatoryOne enables

  • Accelerated management and completion of regulatory requests
  • Greater efficiency and compliance
  • Improved collaboration and communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Raw material insights and data

RegulatoryOne simplifies and tracks the initiation, assignment, and response to requests from stakeholders. Workflow automation and a powerful, integrated document and data library simplifies and unifies regulatory knowledge. Real time KPI’s and dashboards enable agility and unlock fresh insights.

RegulatoryOne Compliance Management brings you closer to your customers and suppliers through the use of collaboration tools, the support of continued evolution from document compliance to data compliance, and is an enabler for product and raw material selection and insight.

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Benefits of RegulatoryOne Regulatory Management Software

Velocity to market: Today’s market forces demand that companies stay agile and responsive to meet regulatory changes and customer expectations. From quickly assessing the impact of a proposed product or formulation change, to locating the substantiating and source documentation, and finally coordinating activities on a global, regional and local basis, RegulatoryOne has you covered.

Reliable data quality: Create a single source of truth for your product portfolio by capturing timely and accurate information. Information and content is stored once and can be accessed globally. This ensures data integrity as you coordinate product release processes across your stakeholders.

Global coordination & alignment: As a cloud-based software solution, RegulatoryOne seamlessly orchestrates compliance related activities across manufacturing sites, supply chains, outsourced manufacturers and all internal stakeholders. Product information is accurate, timely and accessible throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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