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    Typical Regulatory Requests

    The Challenge

    The volume of regulatory information requests continues to grow.

    Large chemical and consumer goods companies can receive upwards of 40,000 compliance related requests a year from customers, partners, authorities and third-party certification organizations.

    Finding the relevant data and documents to respond to these requests is a time-consuming process that often requires traversing multiple systems of record. The result is delays, inefficiencies and increased risk of major compliance communication errors.


    The Solution

    Ensure speed, efficiency, consistency and accuracy to your responses with Veeva RegulatoryOne.

    • Respond to customer requests on time, every time
    • Automate the process of receiving and responding to operational compliance queries
    • Generate real-time reporting and KPIs that provide regulatory, market and sales insights to accelerate business performance
    • Promote customer engagement and brand confidence

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    End-to-end%20Request Management

    End-to-end Request Management

    Request and response data, documents and workflows are unified in a transparent, single system of record.

    Transformational efficiency

    Transformational Efficiency

    Metadata-driven process automation dramatically streamlines work and maximizes efficiency.

    Consistency and Accuracy

    Consistency and Accuracy

    The system ensures only approved content is shared. The "similar requests" feature maximizes global consistency and response reusability.

    Real-time KPIs

    Real-time KPIs

    Built in reports and dashboards provide real-time insight into customer needs, response lead times, bottlenecks and trends.



    Regulatory Requests - Benefits: Increased Efficiency, Speed and Quality


    Respond to customers and other stakeholders faster and more accurately using Regulatory Request Management capabilities.

    • Automated assignment of request to specialists
    • Preselect relevant response documents and former responses
    • Real-time dashboards and KPI tracking
    Regulatory Request Management with Veeva RegulatoryOne

    Customer Success

    BASF Video Quote

    "Global collaboration is crucial for us. It is essential to have one source of regulatory information instead of distributed, siloed systems. High availability, reliability, and performance are key. With Veeva Vault, we have a good system in place that supports our needs."

    Armin Sauer, Team Lead Global Regulatory IT Services at BASF


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