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Aker BioMarine, how do you ensure business continuity?

Veeva: "Ole, how do you ensure business continuity at Aker BioMarine?"
Ole Thoresen, Director, Digitalization and Improvements, Aker BioMarine:
"This is actually due to a kind of a concerted effort over the last three years to move our entire infrastructure to a multi-cloud and best-of-breed SAAS application infrastructure where Veeva QualityOne is one major milestone in that. And I think that if we had not done that we would have been in major trouble. But as it happens - and really not with a clairvoyance against or towards Covid-19, but more in the general sense of building a digital workplace - we kind of got off without any significant hiccups." 

Watch the full Summit session about "Supporting Business Continuity and Adapting to Turbulent Times" with Aker BioMarine, Web Industries, and Pierre Fabre (from the Veeva Quality & Regulatory Global Summit 2020).

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