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EDMS & QMS: A Digital Platform to Promote the Continuous Improvement of Seqens Products Quality

The Seqens group is a major player in pharmaceutical synthesis, committed to the total compliance of its processes and products with quality and regulatory requirements. Choosing an innovative solution in this field strengthens operations with a unique platform supporting file, data and document management as well as managing the key quality processes of the company. That turns information into knowledge and eases the follow-up.

DigiQual: A Document and Quality Process Management Solution

Within just a few months, the Seqens teams deployed a global document management solution and Quality plattform: DigiQual. It fulfills all requirements of health authorities (FDA, ANSM, EMA …) who regularly inspect their factories; in particular requirements around data integrity.

“Beyond a common referential system and single source of truth, DigiQual harmonizes processes and practices throughout our multiple sites, while allowing us to adapt to local specificities,” explains Stéphanie Girard, Quality and Regulatory Director at Seqens: “With DigiQual, we have access to all company files - whether on site or working from home. It enables us to follow the production incidents or quality control resolutions. Our daily efforts are directly converted to KPIs, demonstrating Sequens' improvements and achievements.”

DigiQual is based on the Veeva Vault platform, recognized in pharmaceutical industries for its validated Saas solution. DigiQual is open to all 3200+ Seqens employees who can find all required procedures for their daily work. Managing Quality events is restricted to certified employees, who will soon share the same tool throughout all 24 Seqens production sites.


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