Globalization, Transparency, Sustainability - Insights from Chemical
and Crop Science Leaders 2020

How leaders in the Chemical and Crop Science Industry are managing today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow. More information

BASF, Armin Sauer, Team Lead Global Regulatory IT Services:
"I believe that it is essential to have one source of regulatory information materialized in a global used system instead of distributed siloed systems."

Seqens, Alexandre Gultzgoff, CIO:
"We will be obliged to automatize as much as we can."

BASF, Markus Diehl, Team Lead Global Regulatory IT Services:
"I think we require IT solutions that are globally accessible, secure and adaptable to local requirements such as local language, legal requirements."

Syngenta, Dr. Mike Heneghan, Technology Solutions and Services Lead:
"Once you've got that data in the same place then for me you open up lots of innovation potential."

IFF, Michael Hershkowitz, Global Director, Product Sustainability:
"The challenge from someone in our point in the supply chain is that we need to be able to meet the needs of consumers and customers regardless of how they define sustainability and what their sustainability policies are."

FMC, Susanne Lingard, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs:
"It's all about what does the customer need, balance it with sustainability and making sure that we are going beyond."

Aker BioMarine, Ole Thoresen, Director Digitalization & Improvements:
"It just reinforces my belief that we need to foster an organization, systems and processes that are used to and accepting significant change at any given time from any direction."

All statements from the Veeva Global Quality & Regulatory Summit 2020. 
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