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What is QualityOne?
Who is it designed for?
What problem does it solve?
How is it licensed?
What are common use cases for QualityOne?
How can I learn more?

What is QualityOne?

QualityOne is a complete, easy-to-use document control and quality management solution. It is a unified suite of applications to manage quality across the entire product journey.

Who is it designed for?

QualityOne is designed for organizations that engage with quality processes and documentation, including internal stakeholders across departments, external suppliers and contract manufacturers, and auditors.

What problem does it solve?

QualityOne helps companies improve efficiency, visibility and control in quality management.

  • Speed: Gain efficiency through automated workflows and task assignment that eliminate email chasing and manual administration allowing you to focus on quality.
  • Visibility: Built-in dashboards and reporting allow real-time visibility into your quality system and help you stay ahead of any quality issues.
  • Compliance and Control: Maintain compliance by ensuring the right people are completing the right actions at the right time. Control who can see what and when through Veeva’s atomic security point and click configuration. Securely invite your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and even auditors to access your quality software directly.

How is it licensed?

As a multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS provider, Veeva can offer flexible pricing options. Our standard model is User-Based pricing. The Veeva pricing approach is straightforward, predictable and easy for customers to understand; as users are added cost will increase.

This model is great for most organizations, but we realize that this model becomes less attractive as our customers scale to thousands of users. To address this, Veeva offers an Enterprise License pricing model that is a single, annual subscription fee for the use of an application(s) and is managed by a governor vs. per-user cost. This model ensures pricing is tied to the right incremental unit of value for our customers in consideration of engagement at an enterprise level.

For specific pricing information, please contact us and one of our specialists will be happy to provide a quote based on your specific business requirements.

What are common use cases for QualityOne?

QualityOne covers the full range of quality processes, document control, supplier management, and audit management. Veeva customers use QualityOne in the way that best suits their needs and priorities. Some have implemented all QualityOne applications at once and others implement processes based on their priorities and resources available. Every customer has the option to continue to expand and implement additional applications as needed.

Below are some of the most common use cases from our QualityOne customers:

Document Management

  • Use Case: Manage SOPs, work instructions, validation documentation, and training materials all in one solution with unlimited collaboration, review, and approval workflows.
  • Value: Simplify, streamline, and accelerate review and approval process across all internal and external stakeholders with a single source of truth.

Nonconformance and Investigations

  • Use Case: Maintain and monitor quality issues and conduct investigations. Investigations can lead to internal or supplier corrective actions or both. For supplier corrective actions, supplier can securely access and update the non-conformance record directly in QualityOne.
  • Value: Increase visibility, collaboration, and accountability through management of all internal and supplier quality issues in one unified solution.

Corrective and Preventive Actions

  • Use Case: Corrective and preventive actions can be created from complaints, audits, and non-conformances and automatically linked. Implementation of planned actions based on the root cause analysis can be assigned, tracked to completion, and checked for effectiveness – all in one system.
  • Value: Streamline, simplify, and connect all quality records and ensure thorough completion and timely execution.

Supplier Qualification and Collaboration

  • Use Case: In addition to supplier corrective actions, QualityOne helps maintain approved supplier list from qualifying a supplier, conducting supplier audits to communicating and collaborating with them.
  • Value: All in one supplier management application to increase efficiency and communication. Accessing the same data increases supplier accountability and improves collaboration and speed.

Change Control Process

  • Use Case: Users can enter change requests and complete impact assessment. Actions are assigned, linked to required documents and quality records, and tracked to completion.
  • Value: Improve and centralize change control to effectively manage all product and process changes including capturing change requests from across the business and engaging the right people all in one place.

How can I learn more?

Explore the content and resources on the QualityOne product page or request a custom live demo of QualityOne.

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