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    Digitally Transform Your RMQ Process

    You need absolute confidence that every raw material your organization selects meets the standards set by your company and brand, consumers, customers, markets, and regulatory authorities. A critical step in this selection process is the Raw Material Questionnaire which captures critical data, including composition and origins, certifications, registrations, and restrictions.

    Veeva RegulatoryOne Formulation Questionnaires automates and accelerates the collection of supplier raw material data and documents within a transparent, regulatory system of record that simplifies the process for you AND your supplier partners.

    The Challenge

    RegOne - Challenge
    A complete overview of your entire RMQ process internally and externally.

    Requesting information from suppliers is onerous, reactive and typically causes approval delays of 4-6 weeks. For the requester, the process of sending, reminding, evaluating and approving responses is disjointed and manual relying on email and forms that trap data. For the respondent, one-size-fits-all forms from customers result in time spent providing responses to previously known data or questions irrelevant to the use-case. Often, the provided data are locked in these forms and difficult to access or find at a later point in time. A holistic overview of returned information across raw materials is not possible.

    The Solution

    RegulatoryOne Formulation Questionnaires is a purpose-built solution that digitizes and automates the questionnaire process, ensuring the timely, efficient and secure collection of critical data from suppliers.

    RegOne - Solution
    Real-time metrics to track and identify missing, overdue or outdated questionnaires.

    Make Supplier Compliance Your Competitive Advantage


    Instantly generate questionnaires from parameter-driven templates based on prepopulated data such as location or usage.


    Automatically send requests and reminders to supplier contacts, who can on their own directly enter raw material data through a secure access link that does not require a user ID or log-in.


    Accelerate approvals with efficient process that locks supplier submissions into a transparent and easily accessible record.


    Improve collaboration by allowing supplier contacts to work together on responses.


    Quickly identify missing, outdated, overdue and expiring questionnaires through a real-time dashboard enabling pro-active assessment of the RMQ process at large.


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    See how

    • RMQs are an integral, transparent part of each raw material record
    • System automation and templates make RMQ management a simple, point and click activity
    • Supplier contacts are automatically notified and can collaborate on responses
    • RMQ responses are connected and updated with composition compliance data
    • Transparent RMQ status information and KPI reports

    Market Insights

    Customers and regulatory bodies are demanding more and more. Halal, sustainable sourcing, REACH, etc. On ingredient and on product level. This certification complexity continues along the total value chain.


    - Bettina Jackwerth, Director Quality and Product Stewardship Personal
    Care Europe at BASF

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