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    Veeva Quality Summit 2018

    Quality's Digital Transformation

    Complimentary educational event for manufacturing quality professionals and their IT partners


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    Work in life sciences? You belong at our industry-specific Veeva R&D Summit


    On June 5, 2018 quality practitioners and their IT partners from the consumer goods, chemical, cosmetics, and nutraceutical industries came together for the Veeva Quality Summit.


    This one-day educational event explored the topic of "Quality’s Digital Transformation" and gave attendees an opportunity to hear from more than 10 speakers including industry thought leaders and quality practitioners. Veeva was proud to host this inaugural Summit and is looking forward to expanding the event in 2019. 

    “One of the best organized and informative meetings I have attended in a while.”
    “Broader perspective that went beyond just quality provided great context.”
    “Makes me realize we really have to step up our game at my company.”
    “The presentations were fantastic. Great balance of information and entertainment.”
    “Speakers did well explaining the future needs from quality roles and expectations.”


    Event Highlights

    Validant Managing Partner John McShane
    Validant Managing Partner John McShane presents on data integrity
    Veeva General Manager Frank Defesche
    Veeva General Manager Frank Defesche demystifies digital transformation
    Steve Harris
    Attendees got a preview of upcoming Veeva innovations from Steve Harris
    Participants networking with their quality and IT peers
    Participants networked with their quality and IT peers
    Dr. Joseph A. Defeo
    Dr. Joseph A. Defeo explored how technology is impacting quality systems and job skills
    Veeva leadership
    Veeva leadership shared a preview of upcoming product innovations to close out the day.
    Veeva Quality Summit 2018 Speakers
    A big thank you to our 2018 Veeva Visionaries
    New Chapter's Pat Whyte and ProQuest's Mike Lombardo
    New Chapter's Pat Whyte and ProQuest's Mike Lombardo share their experiences on the technology panel
    Attendees at the Summit
    Presenters kept the sessions interactive and engaging
    Uponor's Shane Allen
    Uponor's Shane Allen brought down the house with his entertaining and informative session
    Attendees at the Summit
    “One of the best organized and informative meetings I have attended in a while.”
    Attendees at Great American Ballpark
    Attendees capped off the day at the Great American Ballpark


    Featured Speakers

    Frank Defesche, Senior VP and General Manager at Veeva QualityOne
    Frank Defesche

    Veeva Systems

    Frank Defesche


    Senior Vice President & General Manager
    Veeva Systems


    As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Veeva QualityOne, Frank Defesche is responsible for the strategic direction, growth, and customer success of Veeva's quality applications. Since 1999, Frank has provided strategic guidance and services to customers for cloud-based enterprise applications and platforms. An early cloud pioneer, he has managed hundreds of cloud implementations and brings a wealth of knowledge on how to evaluate, deliver, and execute on digital transformation. 

    Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo, Chairman and CEO of Juran
    Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo

    Juran Institute

    Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo


    Juran Institute


    Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo, Chairman and CEO of Juran, is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on transformational change and breakthrough quality management. For 28 years, Dr. DeFeo has worked as a trusted adviser helping business leaders increase sales, reduce costs and improve its customer experience through the deployment of performance excellence programs. His recent publication, Juran’s Quality Essentials for Leaders, provides a concise message delivered for leaders to teach them how to embrace quality, not fight it, to be a globally competitive enterprise.

    John McShane, Managing Partner at Validant
    John McShane


    John McShane

    Getting Started: Data Integrity as the Foundation for Digital Transformation

    Managing Partner


    John McShane is a Managing Partner at Validant, an end-to-end Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory consulting service. Prior to joining Validant, Mr. McShane served as Director in External Biologics Quality Assurance at Roche, where he notably oversaw the technical transfer of a major biotechnology drug substance to Samsung Biologics in Korea, achieving zero observations during their first FDA PAI. Mr. McShane has an enviable track record of architecting comprehensive Quality Systems improvements, driving extensive inspection readiness initiatives, and leading large Ph.D-inclusive staffs.

    Dr. Prasad Akella, CEO at Drishti
    Prasad Akella


    Prasad Akella


    Founder & CEO


    Dr. Prasad Akella, CEO at Drishti, is an experienced business leader who has led breakthroughs in software, robotics & automotive.  Dr. Akella  has the distinction of having created two massive market categories. First, in the 1990's while at General Motors, he led the creation of "cobots"—collaborative robots. Cobots, a $5B+ business, marry the power of robots with the cognition of humans. Second, in the early 2000's, he cofounded the social networking pioneer Spoke, where he envisioned & built the first massive social graph. Today, Dr. Akella is asking "What happens if you combine the cognition of AI with the flexibility of humans?" 


    Veeva quality summit 2018 AGENDA

    Attendees heard directly from Manufacturing Quality innovators on these important topics

    Demystifying Digital Transformation and the Role of Quality

    Industry experts Frank Defesche and Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo unpack the concept "digital transformation" using real-world examples and show how digital advances will impact the next chapter of quality manufacturing.

    The Future Arrived Yesterday: Quality's Role in Digital Transformation

    The iPhone launched 10 years ago. Five million apps later and most of us have journeyed through some level of personal digital transformation. But what about at work? Is digital transformation in the workplace a fad, just another executive program or a corporate survival mandate? Hear how companies such as Uponor are using Quality solutions to modernize and transform how they do business.

    The Importance of Quality to Deliver on the Brand Promise

    Hear directly from quality leaders at New Chapter and other companies about the vital role quality plays in consistently delivering high quality products that fulfill the brand promise.

    How to Use Technology to Drive Quality Through Your Supplier Network

    Learn how companies from regulated industries are extending and enforcing quality processes throughout their manufacturing supply chain with modern management systems. Hear best practices for using technology to operate a global supplier network as a vertically integrated manufacturing unit.

    Data Integrity Best Practices and Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation

    Technology leader John McShane breaks down the concept of data integrity and shares how companies frequently set themselves up for failure in this area. Learn what the best are doing right, and how you can set your company up to build a strong foundation for data integrity.

    Technology Considerations and Recommendations Before Embarking on a Quality Transformation Project

    This panel of Quality and IT professionals from companies including ProQuest will share their experiences and learnings when selecting the right digital quality solution to meet business objectives and drive long-term success.

    What's Around the Corner: The Future of QualityOne

    Hear how modern quality solutions can and will address your biggest business challenges.

    Evening Event at the Great American Ball Park


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