Wally Mateo

    Vice President & Head of Quality Management, JFC Global & North America Region
    Jollibee Foods Corporation Group of Companies

    Wally has served the Jollibee Foods Corporation Group of Companies (JFC) for near 30 years as Global Head for Quality Management, providing strategic directions, management and consultancy services to all JFC Business Units. She leads the Global QM team in formulating and setting quality & food safety standards, policies, systems and procedures, enabling JFC’s restaurants, manufacturing & logistics operations and its supplier partners to be compliant to company’s food safety & quality standards and to country food regulations and statutory requirements.   
    In her 29+ years in JFC, she pioneered many initiatives in Product Development, Restaurant Operating Systems, Quality Management, Food Safety, Customer Feedback & Crisis Management, Safety & Security Systems and Knowledge Management, among others. Most of these became the benchmark standards or system models within the JFC group of companies.

    Wally was instrumental in institutionalizing JFC’s Quality Culture anchored on world-class Quality Management Systems for restaurants and supply chain operation. This has set the foundation for successful business unit turn-around and progressive growth of Jollibee’s acquired restaurant brands.  

    Wally has been bestowed the Quality Manager of the Year Award in 2015 by the Philippine Society for Quality Inc, and has won the highest International Best Practice Awards during the Global Organizational Excellence Congress in Abu Dhabi in Dec 2018 and the recent International Best Practice Competition by the Center for Organizational Excellence Research and Global Benchmarking Network in New Zealand on July 2023.

    Summit Speaker

    Fireside Chat

    Jollibee Case Study: Inspiring Downstream Value Chain Collaboration for Food Safety Excellence and Sustainability

    True market leaders in major companies today operate in high trust environments enabled and supported by strong  loyal supply relationships. Such  operational models acknowledge the importance of supply networks in creating robust supply chains and enable the growth of sustainable, trusted brands. In this fireside chat, quality leadership from global fast food chain giant Jollibee will dive into their strategy for forging stronger partnerships underpinned by an emphasis on food safety, compliance, and continuous improvement. Acknowledging their place as both a role model in Asia and a growing force in the quick service sector, Jollibee continues to strive for global excellence while staying true to its Asian roots and a culture of empowering its supply chain. Hear how the organization has introduced  a best-in-class supplier continuous learning program to drive awareness and uptake of joint sustainability initiatives. You will leave this session with key learnings on operating with Asian suppliers and the importance of building resilient relationships in moving suppliers from being a network to being partners.

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