Veeva's Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Veeva's Solutions
for the Consumer
Goods Industry

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Veeva Solutions Tailored for the Consumer Goods Industry

We’re at a crossroads in Consumer Goods. New innovations are disrupting the industry, social media has accelerated and amplified the consequences of any misstep, and new, more agile competitors from startups to channel partners are competing more than ever for consumers. Unfortunately, many Consumer Goods organizations have been unable to keep pace. Whether it be with emerging trends (relevance), meeting new expectations (quality), or ongoing regulatory changes (compliance) the consequences have been far reaching – driving losses in revenue, profitability, and market share.

Challenge Risk
Keeping Pace with 
Market Trends 
Relevance to Consumer
Meeting consumer
Perception of Quality
Meeting regulatory 
compliance requirements
Non compliance

Opportunity Benefit
Increase efficiency across
product journey 
Accelerated time to market
Greater transparency
and end to end visibility
Continuous Compliance Less Risk
Agility across the 
product journey
 Return to Growth

Veeva has been helping companies with this very challenge for over a decade - accelerating the “Product Journey” through our life sciences solutions. More recently, we have partnered with several of the world’s largest Consumer Goods organizations to tailor our Quality, Commercial, and Regulatory offerings to launch cloud-based solutions developed specifically for Consumer Goods. Through these modern, easy-to-use, and unified solutions we are streamlining the product journey (speed), providing end to end visibility (insight), and ensuring compliance with the latest standards (reducing risk) enabling Consumer Goods organizations focus on bringing innovation to market faster without compromising compliance.

Veeva Commercial Solutions
BrandOne for Consumer Goods

Marketing content has grown exponentially in importance for Consumer Goods organizations in the ongoing battle to stay relevant and differentiate with consumers. Unfortunately, many of these organizations are being held back by their current solutions typically consisting of multiple siloed systems or paper and email-based processes resulting in an ongoing slow, risky, and painful experience across marketing, legal, regulatory, sales, and external partners.

Veeva BrandOne is designed for all parties that design, develop, review and approve, distribute, and localize marketing collateral and product claims helping companies accelerate speed to market, increase content reuse, and expand the impact of claims while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Veeva Quality Solutions
QualityOne for Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods manufacturer's supply chains have continued to expand with product portfolios along with reliance on external partners. Additionally, new and evolving regulations have only added to the complexity. Unfortunately legacy quality management and document control solutions have not been able to keep pace.

Move beyond fragmented and hard-to-use document control and quality management systems that leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain. Protect your brands and ensure compliance with QualityOne - the complete, easy-to-use, and modern document control and quality management application.

Hundreds of customers from emerging companies to Fortune Global 500 trust Veeva to manage their most important processes, documents, and data.

"Vault provides the flexibility we need to be agile and move quickly as our organization and our markets change. Multi tenant cloud was a prerequisite. We wanted a platform that delivers rapid innovation and would grow with us."

Malika Mir | CIO, Ipsen

Veeva Document Management Solutions
DocControl for Consumer Goods

Many Consumer Goods organizations struggle with effectively managing and controlling documents across the functions of their business. Examples include GMP/SOP/Quality Documents, Product Claims, Marketing Collateral, Product Registration, Product Submission, etc.

Veeva's Document Management Solutions allow you to manage your compliance requirements and business needs with an intuitive and flexible interface that accelerates the creation, review, and approval of content - allowing you to focus less time on administration and more time on moving your organization forward.

Veeva Enterprise Content Management
ECM for Consumer Goods

Traditional enterprise content management solutions are unable to keep up with the needs of today’s agile Consumer Goods organizations. These solutions struggle with providing an easy-to-use experience, secure access anytime / anywhere, end to end visibility, full traceability / auditability, and the agility required to keep pace with changing business needs. All of this results in wasting precious resources while adding unnecessary and unmanageable risk.

Veeva ECM addresses these issues by introducing speed, transparency, and ease of use to enterprise content management. A complete content, document, and data management solution, Veeva ECM enables intuitive review, approval, and reuse, allowing you to get new or updated content into the right hands and channels faster.

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