Veeva QualityOne Mobile Solutions

    Access to critical quality processes anywhere for efficiency, data integrity,
    and time savings, even without a signal.

    QualityOne Mobile Solutions

    Veeva’s QualityOne customers have access to a suite of mobile tools so that they can manage quality wherever their work takes them. Veeva’s mobile quality management software include:

    • QualityOne Station Manager: access quality documentation on-site via iOS™ and Android™ tablets.
    • QualityOne Mobile NCR/HSE: log quality non-conformances and HSE incidents from Apple™ smartphones.
    • QualityOne Mobile Audit Checklist: perform audit checklists from iPadOS devices.
    • Vault Mobile: Secure access to quality documentation from mobile devices.

    QualityOne Station Manager

    Sync content to manufacturing stations instantly across the entire factory floor, or even to multiple manufacturing sites around the globe. QualityOne Station Manager allows employees quick access to up-to-date information on tablet devices located in their work areas. The result is a single source of truth, reduced risk, and seamless integration with organizational directives.

    Station Manager mobile application features:

    • 24x7 mobile access/offline access
    • Live documentation updates
    • Modern interface
    • Full screen viewing
    • Video access
    View the QualityOne Station Manager Product Brief
    QualityOne Station Manager Exp. video

    QualityOne Mobile NCR/HSE

    Record quality non-conformance and HSE incidents when and where they happen. Users can immediately take pictures, attach them to records, and add details in a user-friendly environment that ensures that the integrity of data is kept intact during real-time incident recording.

    QualityOne Mobile NCR/HSE mobile application features:

    • More effectively manage non-conformances and safety programs.
    • Quick and easy record creation through native iOS mobile application on Apple™ devices.
    • Secure access tied to user credentials.

    QualityOne: Mobile Audit Checklist

    Perform audits using checklists within the app to save steps from transferring information between devices or software. With offline mobile access, users can also preserve valuable data regardless of whether the shop floor has a good Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

    Mobile Audit Checklist features:

    • Compatible on any iOS mobile/tablet device
    • Offline capability
    • Import checklists created within QualityOne
    • Mobile photo attach
    • Sync with QualityOne to finalize

    Vault Mobile

    Take Vault with you wherever you work. Regardless of whether you are on the factory floor, in meetings with customers, or on the go - the Vault Mobile app enables you to access, modify, and share important quality-related information quickly and securely.

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