Veeva Quality Summit 2018

    Session Recordings


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    VEEVA QUALITY SUMMIT 2018 Session Recordings

    Demystifying Digital Transformation and the Role of Quality

    Industry experts Frank Defesche, Dr. Prasad Akella, and Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo unpack the concept "digital transformation" using real-world examples and show how digital advances will impact the next chapter of quality manufacturing.

    The Future Arrived Yesterday: Quality's Role
    in Digital Transformation

    The iPhone launched 10 years ago. Five million apps later and most of us have journeyed through some level of personal digital transformation. But what about at work? Is digital transformation in the workplace a fad, just another executive program or a corporate survival mandate? Hear how companies such as Uponor are using Quality solutions to modernize and transform how they do business.

    The Importance of Quality to Deliver on the Brand Promise

    Hear directly from Veeva and New Chapter about the vital role quality plays in consistently delivering high quality products that fulfill the brand promise.

    How to Use Technology to Drive Quality Through
    Your Supplier Network

    Learn how companies from regulated industries are extending and enforcing quality processes throughout their manufacturing supply chain with modern management systems. Hear best practices for using technology to operate a global supplier network as a vertically integrated manufacturing unit.

    Data Integrity Best Practices and Laying the Foundation
    for Digital Transformation

    Technology leader John McShane breaks down the concept of data integrity and shares how companies frequently set themselves up for failure in this area. Learn what the best are doing right, and how you can set your company up to build a strong foundation for data integrity.

    Technology Considerations and Recommendations Before Embarking on a Quality Transformation Project

    This panel of Quality and IT professionals from companies including New Chapter and ProQuest shared their experiences and learnings when selecting the right digital quality solution to meet business objectives and drive long-term success.

    What's Around the Corner: The Future of QualityOne

    Hear from Veeva product and strategy leaders how modern quality solutions can and will address your biggest business challenges.