European Quality Congress 2018

    06/21/18 - 06/22/18
    Paris, France

    The 62nd European Quality Congress took place June 21-22 2018 in France for the first time in 20 years.
    It brings together 500 leaders, representing the countries of geographical Europe - as well as, beyond, delegations from China, the United States, Quebec, etc. Throughout the two days, come share and discover practices, prepare the sites of tomorrow, imagine the future of Quality.

    Main themes during the congress: Quality, competitiveness asset for Europe" and "Quality Leader, a key role".

    Veeva is one of the 3 sponsors of this Quality Congress, along with the AFNOR and L'OREAL.

    Veeva Session, June 21st – 2 :30pm

    “…The Future Arrived Yesterday: Quality’s Role in Digital Transformation”

    Over the past decade, the proliferation of social media platforms, mobile devices, AI assistants and everything “connected” has caused a tectonic shift in the human experience. The status quo is under siege, and manufacturers are scrambling to respond to this pace of change through digital transformation initiatives. But are you ready? Have you made your own transformation? And how does quality thread through our new reality? What role should quality play in our digital transformation?