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At Veeva, we are focused on empowering the industries where the scale and the stakes are the highest. We recognize that your work can impact the wellbeing of billions of people across the planet every single day. We stand with you committed to ensuring the safety, quality, and value of every product you deliver.

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Veeva helps redefine consumer product excellence with seamless digital solutions for quality management and regulatory compliance. We empower supply chain, R&D, and manufacturing leaders to unleash product innovation that pushes the boundaries of consumer delight.

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Veeva provides digital solutions to modernize food safety, quality, and compliance. In partnership with F&B industry leaders, we elevate standards, foster collaboration, and instill consumer trust in every product.

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Veeva enables specialty chemicals to become the supplier of choice in the consumer packaged goods value chain with modern cloud-based software. Learn how leaders in specialty chemicals that supply active ingredients and materials to F&B, CPG, pharma and more are using our software to accelerate innovation for their customers and drive operational excellence at enterprise scale.


Experience Through Heritage, Enterprise-Ready Today.

Veeva partners with industry leaders to create products that lead the market in innovation, quality, and value. We've been sharing our hard-won expertise in the world’s most exacting industry—Life Sciences—with essential consumer products companies to help enterprise leaders across industries transform your visionary ideas into reality.


Learn more about how our seamless digital solutions are helping create products that lead their markets in innovation, quality, and value.

How We Deliver Outcomes

When you partner with Veeva, you benefit from our deep industry experience, commitment to a continuous innovation cycle, vertical integration, and highly configurable platform.

Customer-driven innovation

We continuously partner with our customers by not just sharing our perspective but also by listening to solve specific problems through new capabilities that deliver real, measurable value.

Learn How We Work With Our Customers


“We believe that together with Veeva,
we can jointly create the next
generation of technology solutions for
claims. We believe that Veeva
is a leading player in this space.
By joining forces, we can all benefit.”

  • Alberto Prado
  • Head of R&D Digital & Partnerships
  • Unilever

Deliver with confidence, on time, on budget, on scope

We are committed to delivering a services-and-support experience that provides confidence and unprecedented time to value, fostering a long-term relationship built on trust and execution.

Learn How We Deliver With Confidence


“The first day the services team came onsite, we sat down and reviewed our business process. We were able to identify some areas where we could make improvements. They were super open and honest about what they saw in our processes and how we could manage our data most effectively. It was a wonderful experience.”

  • Shanna chriscoe
  • Business Lead
  • Syngenta

Enabling Information Technology

When it comes to implementation of our solutions, nothing gets done without IT. We work closely with IT professionals so they can shift from daily blocking and tackling to advancing the business.

Learn How We Partner With IT

New Chapter

“With Veeva, IT is able to spend
less time on infrastructure support
and focus more time and resources
on value-added services such as
improved customer outreach and
business analysis services.”

  • Pat Whyte
  • Vice President of Information Technology
  • New Chapter Inc.

Who We Are

Veeva is a publicly traded, billion-dollar software Public Benefit Corporation operating in more than 150 countries with over 7,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of users across multiple industries.

About Us

Leading by Example

In our mission to help consumer products companies lead the market in innovation, quality, and value, Veeva is committed to transparency and aligning to our customers’ values. In February 2021, Veeva became the first public company to convert to Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means we’re legally responsible to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

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