Redefining Leadership for the Digital Age

    June 5, 2024  |  14.00 - 16.00

    Across consumer products, today's business leaders are struggling to effectively adopt digital technologies. Isolated, incremental, and uncoordinated approaches have proven ineffective (and costly). The immense scale, unprecedented scope, and accelerated speed of digital advances calls for a new, multidisciplinary approach to digital leadership.

    Drawing on extensive research, Prof. Venkatraman guided participants through an authoritative framework for digital leadership that aligned internal functions with external partners and stakeholders. Participants had the opportunity to apply these principles to their organizational environment in a facilitated interactive workshop. 


    David J. McGrath Jr. Professor of Management Boston University Questrom School of Business

    Prof. Venkatraman is widely regarded as a leading authority on digital strategy. He studies how established companies recognize and respond to digital technologies. He believes we have seen the first-wave of transformation in asset-light settings such as software, music, media and entertainment and we are likely to see asset-heavy, information-rich sectors such as automotive, logistics, healthcare. agriculture and logistics go through significant shifts. He is currently extending the work published in his book, The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology into a new book focused specifically on asset-heavy sectors.

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