4 Tracks | 4 Days

      General Sessions

      Quality  Management

      Regulatory Management

      Advertising &
      Product Claims

      Opening Keynote

      All-In on Digital: Industry Leaders on How Their Companies Have Harnessed Disruption

      A digital future lies ahead. By being bold and decisive, industry leaders can accelerate their digital transformation and guide their companies through continued disruption.

      Measuring ESG Performance

      Defining Success in a Transparent and Robust Manner

      Embedding sustainability into your business strategy is an imperative for FMCG companies. However, the question of how to measure ESG performance is something that many organizations continue to grapple with. Join this fireside chat with Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Philip Morris International (PMI) to learn what it takes to develop a framework of key metrics to measure how your company is progressing towards achieving its sustainability goals.

      Connect Sessions

      Roundtables, 1:1 Meetings, Networking

      Executive Fireside Chat

      Unlocking Innovation Along the Consumer Product Value Chain

      Consumers want more from brands: sustainability, transparency, and products that support their health and quality of life. But companies cannot develop innovative products that delight consumers in a vacuum. Join our discussion with Unilever’s Alberto Prado and Novozymes Anders Lund to learn how specialty ingredient suppliers and consumer good brands can partner to co-create innovative products that meet the needs of both consumers and the planet.

      Customer Case Study

      Accelerating Innovation to Bring New Products to Market Faster

      An F&B market leader's Head of Innovation will share a recent case study for how to effectively take a new product idea to become a minimum viable product and ultimately scale. This presentation will include specific methodologies their team deployed to move faster, as well as tips for building stronger supplier partnerships that you can leverage in your own organization.

      Connect Sessions

      Roundtables, 1:1 Meetings, Networking

      Future Roadmap

      Around the Corner

      Veeva's product leadership will review key challenges facing regulated industries like consumer goods, chemicals, and cosmetics and how Veeva's product roadmaps will address these challenges across quality, regulatory, and product claims management.

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