Jennifer Motles

    Jennifer Motles

    Chief Sustainability Officer
    Philip Morris International

    Jennifer is an international and human rights lawyer and the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) for Philip Morris International (PMI)—a role in which she works to strengthen the governance of the company’s sustainability strategy and ensure that sustainability is embedded into every aspect of the business.

    Jennifer joined the company in 2015, during which time she helped craft PMI’s sustainability strategy, ensuring it was intrinsically linked to the company’s vision of delivering a smoke-free future (announced the following year). Since then, she has helped advance PMI’s transformation by distinguishing the company as a recognized leader in the sustainability space and communicating to stakeholders about the company’s demonstrable sustainability and ESG performance.

    Jennifer previously worked for international organizations, including UNCITRAL, UNODC, UNCTAD/ITC, and last worked for the government of Israel as its Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs representative at the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva. Jennifer began her career working for the Chilean Office of Drugs & Crime Prevention and Prosecution.

    Speaking at the Summit

    Measuring ESG Performance

    Defining Success in a Transparent and Robust Manner

    Embedding sustainability into your business strategy is an imperative for FMCG companies. However, the question of how to measure ESG performance is something that many organizations continue to grapple with. Join this fireside chat with Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Philip Morris International (PMI) to learn what it takes to develop a framework of key metrics to measure how your company is progressing towards achieving its sustainability goals.

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