Lukas Maksym BASF

    Lukas Maksym

    Global Industrial Hygiene and Product Purity Management

    Having studied Biotechnology in Aachen, Germany with a PhD thesis in the field of microbial fermentation. Lukas joined BASF in 2011 as R&D lab team leader for fermentation. As of 2017 he is now part of the quality department for Personal Care being globally responsible for industrial hygiene and product purity management and leading the global EFfCI GMP matrix.

    Speaking at the Summit


    At the Speed of Consumer Demand: How Market Leaders Approach Co-Manufacturing Quality Management

    Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies continually look for ways to innovate faster and offer a more diverse range of products. CPG companies are increasingly partner with co-manufacturers to address consumer needs. Co-manufacturers have traditionally provided CPG companies with additional manufacturing capabilities, but are increasingly providing product innovation and new processing technology capabilities as well. For Quality departments, managing the quality of these "externally manufactured" products represents a challenge ensuring the trust of consumers in brands these products are sold under. For this panel, we've invited industry leaders to share and discuss their insights in managing Quality in collaboration with their co-manufacturing partners.

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