N Venkat Venkatraman

    Professor of Management
    Boston University

    Prof. Venkatraman is widely regarded as a leading authority on digital strategy. He studies how established companies recognize and respond to digital technologies. He believes we have seen the first-wave of transformation in asset-light settings such as software, music, media and entertainment and we are likely to see asset-heavy, information-rich sectors such as automotive, logistics, healthcare. agriculture and logistics go through significant shifts. He is currently extending the work published in his book, The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology into a new book focused specifically on asset-heavy sectors.

    Speaking at the Summit

    Opening Keynote

    All-In on Digital: Industry Leaders on How Their Companies Have Harnessed Disruption

    A digital future lies ahead. By being bold and decisive, industry leaders can accelerate their digital transformation and guide their companies through continued disruption.

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