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Complete Easy-to-Use
Commercial Asset Management

Manage and control commercial content and claims
creation, review and approval, distribution, and use
across the digital supply chain.

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Digital content has grown exponentially in importance for marketers while the volume, variety, and velocity has continued to accelerate. This dynamic landscape calls for collaborative reviews and more rapid creation of assets that can be leveraged across channels and geographies. Traditional methods, consisting of multiple siloed systems or paper and email-based processes, are slow, risky, and painful.

Veeva BrandOne is designed for all parties that design, develop, review and approve, distribute, and localize marketing collateral and product claims, including internal stakeholders across departments, creative agencies, and external partners.

BrandOne helps companies accelerate speed to market, increase content reuse, and expand the impact of claims while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Unified: Move from a fragmented and complicated commercial content management process to a streamlined process and single source of truth for managing the creation, review and approval, distribution, and use / reuse of marketing collateral and claims.

Speed: Gain efficiency through automated workflows and task assignments, reduce review and approval cycles, and improve use / reuse of approved marketing collateral.

Control and Compliance: Ensure the right team members across internal functions, geographies, and external partners have access to work in progress content, review and approval cycles, and the latest approved marketing collateral for use as needed.

Insights: Built-in dashboards and reporting allow real-time visibility into your marketing collateral development, distribution, and use / reuse.

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Review and approval processes can vary across the brand teams, geographies, and external partners. Additionally, these approaches are sometimes managed through emails, phone calls, or customized solutions ultimately leaving the final approved assets on individual laptops, shared drives, or with agency partners.

BrandOne provides the ability for review and approval of marketing collateral from individual component content to composite assets to full campaign toolkits for in market use. In bringing all of these assets together, BrandOne helps to simplify, streamline, and accelerate the marketing collateral review and approval process across the creative, marketing, legal, and regulatory functions while maintaining a single, auditable source of truth that you control.

Claims Management


Claims are statements made about the benefits, characteristics, and/or performance of a product designed to make brands relevant, desirable, or superior in order to ultimately influence the purchase decision. Unfortunately, the claims review and approval process has traditionally been manually intensive and driven through emails, spreadsheets, and shared drives. Additionally, given the ongoing changes to products, competitive offerings, and legal and regulatory considerations claims require ongoing reevaluation.

While custom solutions are sometimes employed, the result is usually the same - a slow, labor intensive process that continues to put the company at legal and regulatory risk. BrandOne provides the ability for review and approval of product claims based on substantiation developed through product testing, legal and regulatory considerations, and inclusion in a variety of marketing collateral (on packaging, in commercials, etc.). BrandOne helps to accelerate the claims review and approval process directly impacting revenue, margin, and marketshare. 

Additionally, when challenged on claims, BrandOne provides a clear line of sight to the approval process history, supporting assets, and marketing collateral impacted enabling organizations to significantly reduce legal and regulatory risk.

Hundreds of customers from emerging companies to Fortune Global 500 trust Veeva to manage their most important processes, documents, and data.

"We now have greater control and visibility of assets and how they are being used, and expect a return on investment in less than six months due to content reuse alone."

Alexandre Gultzgoff | Deputy Directory of IT, Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Digital Asset Management


Without a DAM in place, digital assets, including finished assets and working files, tend to be spread across an organization on local laptops, shared drives, and with agency partners. Finding the latest approved version of the desired assets becomes fairly difficult leading to lost time, reduced reach of marketing campaigns, or even worse spending marketing budgets on recreating assets rather than activating them within and across channels with consumers to strengthen brand equity.

BrandOne provides a solution for storing, searching, and sharing assets (e.g. images, videos, claims, etc.) and associated metadata enabling global content management and use / reuse of the latest approved collateral. In doing so, BrandOne helps to improve marketing productivity and efficiency, ensure brand compliance and protect brand equity, and deliver the latest approved content faster for use / reuse across markets.

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