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Quality, Regulatory and
Claims Management Software

Veeva helps cosmetics, consumer goods and chemical companies bring innovative,
high quality products to market faster without compromising compliance.

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Our Solutions
Everything in one place

  • Bring together processes, documents, and data in a unified industry cloud
  • Innovative and scale at the pace of
    your business
  • Create one version of truth for employees, suppliers, industry partners and auditors
As simple as Amazon or Google

  • Just log-in and get to work
  • Access from any browser, any device, anywhere
  • Modern UI and high adoption rates improve compliance, visibility,
    and speed
Right People, Right Actions, Right Time

  • Atomic Security provides total
    access control
  • Manage global, regional, and industry standards with local autonomy
  • Validate, monitor and manage processes anytime, anywhere
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Life Science
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For the past decade, Veeva has dedicated itself to helping Life Science companies innovate and modernize the product journey to deliver new medicines and therapies, in one of the most complex and heavily regulated industries in the world. We have extended these capabilities to
other regulated industries including cosmetics, consumer goods and chemical companies to help modernize the product journey without compromising compliance.

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Founded in 2007, Veeva's cloud solutions are trusted by more than 700 customers in 165 countries.


Veeva is honored to be recognized as an industry and thought leader for its
commitment to product excellence and customer success