Building the Industry Clouds for Consumer Goods and Chemical that help companies bring innovative, high-quality products to market faster.

Our unified applications are designed specifically for the consumer goods and chemical industries to manage the product journey across development, regulatory, quality, and marketing.
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Brand Management 


Quality Management

Regulatory Solutions

Regulatory Management

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Digital Asset Management

Document Management Solutions

Document Management

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Everything in one place

  • Bring together processes, documents, and data in a unified industry cloud
  • Innovative and scale at the pace of your business
  • Create one version of truth for employees, suppliers, industry partners and auditors
As simple as Amazon or Google

  • Just log-in and get to work
  • Access from any browser, any device, anywhere
  • Modern UI and high adoption rates improve compliance, visibility, and speed
Right People, Right Actions, Right Time

  • Atomic Security provides total access control
  • Manage global, regional industry standards with local autonomy
  • Validate, monitor and manage processes anytime, anywhere

Hundreds of customers, from emerging companies to Fortune Global 500, trust Veeva to manage their most important processes, documents, and data.
“We run reports on a wide range of document lifecycle metrics across the enterprise, and are now able to anticipate potential bottlenecks or compliance risk well in advance.”
Cara Weyker | Vice President, CMC Regulatory and Quality, Horizon Pharma
“I knew we had to move to the cloud to optimize our resources. When we started our search, I wasn’t sure we could find a solution that would not require significant customization. It saves considerable time and resources.”
Kevin Loftus | Quality Assurance Manager, Medicines360
“With Vault, we’re able to find and view any document we need in seconds.”
Andy Katz, Ph.D., VP, Operations & Chief Business Officer, GeoMedX
“We’ve been able to harmonize globally on a single system so that processes and document templates can be standardized. This reduces the risk of making errors or duplicating efforts.”
Cara Weyker | Vice President, CMC Regulatory and Quality, Horizon Pharma