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QualityOne can elevate excellence with a unified solution for Quality, Food Safety, Health & Safety, and Training management to:

Adapt to industry-specific quality challenges in the consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, and specialty chemicals spaces.

Leverage automated compliance tools for constant audit readiness and boost decision-making speed with real-time data and analytics, updated triannualy with customer-driven product innovation.

Leverage enhanced collaboration at enterprise scale to boost real-time interactions with stakeholders, improving accountability and visibility in safety and quality processes.

Leverage a unified solution for quality, food safety, and OHS management to streamline operations, minimize redundancy, and enhance organizational alignment.

Explore Veeva QualityOne:
A Cloud-based Unified Management Solution

Use the navigation below to learn how market leaders are benefiting from QualityOne's top capability areas. 

$8M+ Annually

A global household goods company cut down change control and impact assessment time by 30%, saving over $8M annually thanks to Veeva's Quality solution.

50k+ Events

A top 5 CPG company used QualityOne QMS to close more than 50,000 quality events in their first 12 months after go-live.

3x Faster

A global leader in CPG is leveraging Veeva's digital CoA capability in QualityOne to analyze new CoAs 3x faster vs. manual intake.


We focus on industries that provide products where consumer trust is non-negotiable - products they'll put in their bodies, on their bodies, and in their homes.

Quality Hub F&B

Food & Beverage

The F&B industry faces significant challenges establishing transparency and trust throughout the product supply chain journey, from raw material suppliers through manufacturing and, ultimately, to the consumer. Our use cases in F&B include a food safety and quality solution, enterprise scale HACCP, digital CoA processing, supplier FSQ management, digital auditing and more.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Across the world, we use Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products every day, on our bodies and in our homes, and these products make up a significant portion of the typical household budget. Our use cases in CPG include a unified QHST management, GxP Document and Data management, supply chain collaboration, and more.

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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals leaders are facing supply chain disruptions and increasing demands for faster, more sustainable product innovation. They are also experiencing intense cost control, regulatory, and safety challenges. Our use cases in specialty chemicals include unified QHST management, enterprise GxP compliance, a cloud platform for keeping innovation pace with customer/consumer drivers, and more.

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