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Veeva Solutions for Regulated Manufacturing

For the past decade, Veeva has dedicated itself to helping life sciences companies innovate and deliver new medicines and therapies in one of the most complex and heavily regulated industries in the world. Veeva modernized the product journey of the drugs that improve lives and cure our illnesses. In 2016, we extended these capabilities to regulated manufacturers in other industries like chemicals, consumer goods, and cosmetics. These regulated industries have suffered similar challenges and lacked tailored, fit-for-purpose applications to modernize...until now.

At Veeva, we believe that the power of people and their free exchange of ideas are key ingredients to help companies make great products. But the flow of ideas and information is stifled if your people struggle to deal with slow innovation pipelines, time consuming label claims, product recalls and quality audits, complexity in formulas and costing not to mention changing regulation and compliance standards.

That’s why we’ve built the world’s only suite of unified, pure cloud applications designed to increase agility across the product journey for regulated manufacturers without compromising compliance.

Veeva's Cloud-based Solutions for Regulated Manufacturers

“Collaboration and access across global stakeholders are not only critical for achieving compliance, but also to ensure data integrity. With Veeva Vault, all of our partners have real-time visibility in the cloud and we gain end-to-end control of critical documents and processes.”

Craig Gassman, Associate Director of Regulatory Operations, Karyopharm Therapeutics

Veeva’s solutions are suites of connected, unified apps that optimize the product journey across development, regulatory, quality and marketing.

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  • Product Registrations
  • Product Submissions
  • Submissions Archive
  • Submissions Publishing


  • Document Control
  • Quality Management (QMS)
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Capability Training Management


  • Marketing Collateral Review and Approval
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Claims Management

Whether you’re a small start-up or global enterprise manufacturer, Veeva removes obstacles to growth by giving you “agility at the speed of your imagination”. And because Veeva’s solutions are limitless, your people are never shackled by legacy infrastructure, so they can freely innovate to bring better products to market faster and easier without compromising compliance.

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