Consumer Goods Document Control

Company: Fortune 50, 100,000+ employees

Revenue: Over $50 Billion

Industries: Household Goods, Cleaning, Personal Care

Geography: Global, based in United States

Veeva Solution: QualityOne for Document Control

The Problem

  • Inconsistent handling of critical quality and compliance documentation across manufacturing sites puts compliance at risk.
  • Attempted to address problem with multiple combinations of systems and manual processes over the years, without sufficient success.

The Opportunity

  • Digital quality group ready to retire its patchwork of document management software, SharePoint, and paper for managing controlled quality documents
  • Sought a modern, secure document control solution to unify the management of SOPs, policies, and work instructions across manufacturing sites.

The Solution

  • Selected Veeva QualityOne’s document control solution to become its single source of truth for critical quality content at key manufacturing sites.
  • Personalized users’ experience - now users can quickly navigate to the documents they need to do their jobs and keep manufacturing lines running smoothly.
  • During pilot phase roughly 300 application teams carried out computer system validation (CSV) remediation activity, a formerly challenging operations area.
  • Working closely with Veeva Services, the digital quality group is creating a consistent, compliant, and audit-ready environment for this company’s sensitive quality manufacturing documents and activities at key sites.

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