New Veeva Claims Packaging Copy Management Capabilities to Increase Compliance and Speed to Market

Veeva Claims now includes Packaging Copy Management capabilities to help companies avoid packaging errors and rework by ensuring that all elements in a packaging brief are pulled directly from a system of record, are correct, and approved down to the country level.

Cosmetics Industry in the Age of Covid-19: Exploring Current Impact and Future Outlook

As COVID-19 uncertainty remains in France and across Europe, companies are taking stock of the social and economic impacts of the past six months, and making necessary adjustments to succeed in these new circumstances.

Chapter 5: Cloud Software Implementation and Change Management

In this final chapter of the cloud software buyer’s guide, we’re sharing implementation and change management best practices from hundreds of customers so you can set up your organization for long-term success.

Chapter 4: Cloud Software Vendor Evaluation and Selection

In this chapter of the Cloud Software Buyer’s Guide, we’ll provide best practices for finding a trusted technology partner to help make it a reality.

Cloud Software Buyer’s Guide Chapter 3: Building Your Business Case

In this chapter of the Cloud Software Buyer’s Guide, you’ll use your team’s research as the foundation to build your cloud business case. 

Expert Q&A: How Personal Care Companies Brought Hand Sanitizers to Market in Record Time During COVID

We sat down with Veeva’s resident regulatory expert Ariane Divetain to understand the measures that were & are being undertaken by national authorities & cosmetics manufacturers to rapidly bring hand sanitizers to market.

The Dreaded Hyphen - Regulatory's Quest for a Single Source of Truth

Working in regulatory affairs, chasing the truth is a frequent and time-consuming element of the job. Learn three regulatory information management best practices to establish a single, accurate source of truth for regulatory information.

Cloud Software Buyer’s Guide Chapter 2: Use Cases and Business Problems

In this chapter of the cloud software buyer's guide, we’ll walk through three best practice steps for describing clear, compelling business problems that will form the foundation for your business case.

How Cloud-based Product Claims Management is Enabling the Virtual Workforce

Veeva’s resident product claims management expert John Cooper answers the most frequent questions we hear from professionals working in regulated industries like consumer goods, cosmetics,...

Moving to Cloud Software Has Never Been More Valuable (or Urgent)

Through this Q&A, 20 year cloud software veteran Frank Defesche explores some of the most common questions about “the cloud” and its value in these turbulent times and beyond.

The Benefits of Cloud Based Quality Management

Many businesses have started to migrate to cloud based quality management in order to increase ...

The Top 8 Principles of Quality Management

Quality management is an ongoing focus for companies around the world, often validated by the ISO ...