Streamlined Configuration

Quickly configure or modify intuitive business applications, reducing IT overhead.

Integrated End-to-End Processes

Efficiently manage content, data, and workflows
within a single, cohesive platform.

Enhanced Collaboration Across All Stakeholders

Effortlessly integrate all stakeholders – both internal and external – through dynamic access control within
a secure environment.

Scalability for Global Expansion

Easily adapt to evolving business and performance
needs during growth.

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Controlled Workflows

Automate and track business processes with configurable workflows. Provides assignment, routing, email notifications, escalation, and tracking of work items.

Common Product Data Model

Centralize and standardize product data across R&D, supply chain, and manufacturing functions with a unified taxonomy for integration.

Unified Data Management

Seamlessly manage both structured and unstructured data on a single platform, eliminating data silos and enhancing data integrity and access.

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Designed for global scalability to support business growth with high performance and reliability across geographic locations.

Dynamic Access Control

Implement robust security models with dynamic access control that adjusts permissions based on the workflow context and user roles.

Point-and-Click Customization

Enable rapid modifications and extensions of applications using a simple, intuitive interface without the need for coding.

Integrated Content and Data

Manage documents and related data together on a single platform, streamlining the information management and ensuring consistency.

Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitate real-time, secure collaboration across internal teams and external partners, enhancing productivity and speeding up decision-making.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Offers a broad range of connection types and APIs for easy integration with existing IT systems or third-party services.

Automated Compliance Features

Ensure compliance with industry regulations automatically, with built-in features for audit trails, electronic signatures, and compliance checks.

Extensibility Framework

Extend and tailor the platform to meet unique business needs with an extensibility framework that supports custom object creation and page layout adjustments.

Performance Analytics

Embedded analytics tools provide insights into operations and performance, supporting continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.

Mobile Accessibility

Access the platform on the go with a mobile-friendly interface that supports operational tasks and decision-making from anywhere, at any time.

Security of Data

Encrypted data & content and replication between pods for high availability provide a secure platform with high performance.


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