Consumer Goods

Company: Fortune 500, 35,000+ employees

Revenue: $15 Billion +

Industries: Consumer goods - household, health care, and personal care products

Geography: Global, based in United States

Solution: Veeva Claims

The Problem

Managing marketing and product claims was presenting significant risk to this organization. The process was time consuming, manual, and disjointed, with siloed information and limited visibility across functions. Many participants spent almost half their work hours in claims review meetings. The process slowed time to market for new claims and the products that depended on them, made it hard to locate the latest approved claims, and relied heavily on institutional knowledge.

The Opportunity

To use a purpose-built software application designed to manage product claims worldwide in a central, cloudbased system. Harmonize claims development, review and approval, and management globally across functions to get more claims and products to market faster while reducing organizational risk. The solution needed to be:

  • User-friendly - intuitive and easy to use
  • Unified - one global solution
  • Accurate - single source of truth, always up to date

The Solution - Veeva Claims

Veeva Claims will provide a single, unified solution to manage the end-to-end claims process globally. The solution is flexible and scalable, with an intuitive UI based on the consumer web. Highlights include:

  • A single source of truth for claims that will provide full detail around permissible claim usage by product, geography, and channel.
  • Easily configurable workflows that will imrove efficiency by streamlining the review and approval process
  • One-click traceability to substantiation documentation and relevant marketing assets that will make it simple to facilitate claim changes and respond to challenges.

The impact of Veeva Claims will be felt across functions. Legal, regulatory and R&D will all spend less time managing claims across the process, while also gaining more insight into claim status. Marketing will be able to easily access the latest approved claims and clearly understand usage parameters. And the business overall will benefit from this modernization by getting new products and claims to market faster.

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