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Veeva helps our cosmetics customers achieve global compliance with visibility throughout the product journey.

Supply Chain

Veeva provides a modern, agile approach to supplier collaboration to balance shifting consumer demands, transparency, and sustainability goals.

Transparency &

Veeva operates along the entire product journey continuum, providing end-to-end transparency and surfacing key sustainability metrics.

Cloud Solutions Designed for the Cosmetic Industry

Veeva builds cloud applications that drive transparency throughout the product journey - from raw material suppliers through manufacturing and ultimately to the consumer. Veeva's cloud applications empower marketing, R&D, quality, and regulatory teams to easily collaborate by bringing together disconnected processes, documents and data.

We help our customers eliminate inefficiencies so they can bring high-quality, safe, and sustainable products to market without compromising compliance.

Accelerate cosmetic product innovation. Improve your operational agility, transparency, and compliance with Veeva's quality, regulatory, and advertising claims solutions.


How to Accelerate your Product Journey



  • Applications built for the cosmetic industry
  • Breaks silos, increases collaboration across and beyond the organization
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Increases efficiency and adapts to changing market conditions



  • Intuitive and easy-to-use applications
  • Provides a single point of truth
  • Easily handles complex processes
  • Full operational transparency



  • Scalable cloud solutions, unified and highly configurable
  • No hidden costs
  • Immediately accessible data 

Regulatory Management

The responsibility of ensuring product compliance - from raw material to finished goods - while building more complex registration files and not delaying time to market - is critical. Cutting-edge regulatory solutions are designed to support cosmetic organizations on key business priorities.

  • Manage product registration information globally
  • Provide a single, unified view of product data by registration status, by market, by variation and maintain communication with regulatory bodies
  • Manage compliance from ingredient to formula with end-to-end transparency
  • Manage restrictions from regulatory lists, third party providers, or even internal brand standards or retailers
  • Automate the planning, collection, review and approval of all product related content, prior to submission. This includes submission-ready documents, dossier planning and tracking, correspondence, and regulatory commitments
  • Provide full traceability for all your regulatory activities.

RegulatoryOne supports the business by providing transparency on product compliance and supporting fast and seamless collaboration on registration files.

Quality and HSE Incident Management

Like other industries, the cosmetic industry has its own requirements, and each company has its own context. QualityOne provides configurable solutions to help each organization to be compliant while supporting business efficiency, adaptability to global changing environments, while bringing products to market faster.

  • Identify & fix non-conformance and safety issues the same day
  • Act-on customer complaints immediately
  • Automate CAPA management processes
  • Reduce defect rates in supplier management
  • Auditing becomes an effortless & automated process
  • Immediately assess the impact of each product and process change
  • Eliminate the risk of operational compliance breaches
  • Keep everyone working from the latest version of your documents
  • Ensure your entire team is trained and compliant on the most current processes

QualityOne supports the business by improving product quality, quickly responding to quality issues, and improving productivity.

Advertising Claims & Packaging Copy Management

Every cosmetics company is facing a common challenge: How to support marketing demands, regulatory restrictions, substantiation needs, consumer expectations and claims localization with the market need to drive product innovation, portfolio agility and competitive differentiation.

  • Create a single source of truth for all product claims
  • Substantiate your claims
  • Automate the process to localize global claims
  • Manage risks and respond to challenges in real-time
  • Generate packaging copy briefs directly from the system of record

Veeva Advertising Claims will help seamlessly support your business in managing complexity - make things simple and fast - for better compliance and improved product claims.

Veeva Clinical Suite

The mix of time to market, product efficiency, and product safety make cosmetics a unique industry in terms of clinical trials management. The cosmetics industry must benefit from solutions that are fully adapted and that allow a rapid response to the market and to regulatory constraints - including the management of external suppliers.

  • Provides real-time inspection readiness, full visibility into eTMF completeness
  • CRO’s gain the flexibility to efficiently populate eTMF
  • Unifies study information and processes
  • Improves operational efficiency and enables faster, higher quality clinical trial execution, thanks to a seamless system of records for study data and information
  • Manage the entire end-to-end clinical study process and gain a global view into tasks in one unified system

Clinical trials efficiency should support the business bringing efficient and safe products to market faster.

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