FMC, how would you describe your experience working with Veeva?


Veeva: "How would you describe your experience working with Veeva?"

Susanne Lingard, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at FMC:
"When we started engaging Veeva for the RegulatoryOne module, we were starting with compliance. We walked into it with a preconceived idea of what we wanted. And frankly - that just got shot to pieces.

Because dialoguing with your experts they basically challenged us:
What are you using it for? Who is using it? Where does it sit? What is your one source of truth?

As they were asking the questions and really making us think:
What do we want to do with it? What's the value to it? How do we want to present it and report on it? What does it connect to in the systems? Within RegulatoryOne itself or across the other platforms that we have to connect with like SAP.

And so as we went through this it was an evolution to a better plan. That's what we really liked about it. Your team was so engaged with us in challenging us and coming up with other alternatives and other thoughts that we can go through.

I think one of the most significant things that we found was that your team has a regulatory expert. And not just a regulatory expert but a crop protection regulatory expert. I can't tell you how many times we get on technology teams and they say: "Oh, yes, we understand about regulatory." Well, commodity chemicals and pharmaceuticals are not crop protection. So, so much of what we need gets lost because they don't understand us.

In the case of Veeva, you actually understood us and so you were able to help us work through some of the challenges we were thinking about and how we laid things out, what data went in, where it went, you know how to structure flows and things. So it was more of a collaboration. That's what we really, now that you've set that bar, we are kind of looking for that from our other technology partners as we move forward."

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